If you love gray, you are not alone.

Our love affair with gray started quietly,
but quickly became the popular choice for neutral wall color.
It is loved by homeowners and designers alike.

I find it hard to name a color that doesn't look good with gray
and all but a few colors have a gray version.
The sheer multitude of grays is both a blessing and a curse.

The undertones that make gray more than just a color of concrete,
also make finding the perfect hue difficult.

But there are rules to making your gray experience successful...


There are warm grays and then there are grays that have a definite chill factor.
Grays with beige, brown and some purple undertones are warm grays.  
Most plain grays, silver grays and grays with a blue or green undertone will feel cool.
I'm not saying to avoid them, just be wise.

If you choose a cool gray, balance it with some warmth.

If you choose cooler gray tones for your walls, remember to add some warmth.

Warm toned woods, floors, rugs, even the matchstick blinds in this photo
take the chill off this room.


White freshens gray and keeps it from feeling heavy
or depressing...
Fresh white trim, woodwork,fabrics, curtains, etc...
They just look amazing together...

 Something magical happens when you add warm metals to a cool color...

Silver or stainless is the usual choice when people think of gray.

It's true - it looks nice!

but warming up your metals creates a little magic..

and as gold and brass are back...
give them a try...

 More rules later.....  bye for now


I have a very open floor plan with 2 story ceilings...I love the gray colors.  Looking for a warm neutral that will flow through living room, kitchen, and up,the stairway...I like,blues...been looking at BM ash wood...will,this work, or do,I,need a color a little deeper because of,the high ceilings...thanks so much.

Sandra white | Hloo@aol.com

Hi Sandra,

'Blue' and 'warm neutral' are polar opposites.  Blue tones are cool.  So when you say you want a warm neutral I'm assuming you are thinking something that will go with blues because you will be using blue as the accent.  

In that case, Ashwood is perfect.  
ASHWOOD Benjamin Moore

I would also try Grant Beige that is a little deeper in color and see which one you like the best in the vaulted ceiling area. 

GRANT BEIGE Benjamin Moore

They are safe bets, since I don't know which hue of the blue you like.  Good luck!

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