NATURE needs very little embellishment..
it has a quiet elegance all its own
decorating your home for the coming season can be as easy
as bringing a little nature to your table

There are so many natural Fall elements to choose from...
the leaves, the pumpkins and gourds, pinecones
fall florals, berries and fruit..
and a favorite of mine...


I have always loved acorns.


I think oak leaves are beautiful
I love their distinctive shape
so I loved this little wreath made from book and music paper
and now I need to find an oak leaf die cut so I can make this!!!

 A little dremel drill and some wire will help to make these napkin rings...
If you are inspired to make these, remember to glue the caps on the acorns.

I love this oak leaf placecard with acorns attached
so, if the squirrels have spirited away the nut portion of the acorns
and left you just the caps...
you can create a soft fuzzy version with felted ball refills

as colorful as Fall, or just plain white...

both the felted beads/balls and the acorn caps can be found on Etsy or Ebay....
and according to Martha, the felted balls are super simple to make...

or simply paint them with shimmering metallic paints...

If you gild the cap with glitter 
they make elegant little embellishments for packages,
cupboard knobs or lamp finials
or candlesticks
Today I purchased a little packet of glittered jingle bells...
just so I could do this...
(picture silver glittered bells here)

glue or wire acorns in a circle and you have a candle ring.
I especially like the spots where big lustrous pearl beads
have taken the place of some of the acorn nuts
The candle hurricane below
has layers of vine, acorns and oakleaves
if you copy this idea, make sure the leaves are far far from the candle
or use a faux candle.. (battery operated)

or leave them out of the inside altogether and put them around the outside of the hurricane.

Even if you don't do needlework as a rule, these penny rug
applique runners are super simple to make.
you can get this pattern here from The Merry Hooker Woolens
and if you can use scissors
and learn a couple of very basic stitches
you can whip this up for your Thanksgiving table...

Oak leaves turn beautiful colors in the fall where the nights get cold enough
and a few branches mixed with these delicate wire lights
will create magic in any corner of the room
and velvet seem to be perfect partners

I love that people take ordinary objects from our world and make them into something beautiful
like jewelry

little enameled boxes

and beautiful needleworks

For truly elegant Thanksgiving cookies
an acorn cookie press...

and everything is better with glitter...

Keep your eye out for acorn shaped Christmas ornaments...
they look great in a wreath
or in a bowl

Love this brooch made from velvet ribbon and faux oak leaves

it would look amazing on a package!

Make a sweet acorn treet with mini nutter butters, hersheys kisses and mini kisses
good by themselves or to top a cupcake.

Acorn caps by themselves are great for crafting candle rings and picture frames...
or a rectangular door wreath
sprayed silver, copper or gold...

Real oakleaves, coated in glitter, create a mini wreath
and giant oversized acorns for the mantle
add a touch of the woods to your decor...

There is just something so iconic about the shape of an acorn

Glitter coat the inside of acorn caps to create this ornament
which would look amazing at a place setting...
Using a small styrofoam ball, glue them with glitter side up

and a couple of acorns (one with a pearl)
are the perfect napkin holder you can make yourself

color marshmallow fondant the hues of Autumn leaves
and then cut and crinkle to top cupcakes 

So, are you fond of sweet little acorns?

are you a new fan of oak leaves?

are you inspired?
I am!

[all images found on Pinterest]

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