I have always had a fondness for the warm texture and that rustic touch 
that wicker can bring into a room.  

Lately, I've been thinking that wicker is exactly what I need to warm up my dining room.  
Here's why...

look how just a touch of wicker brings texture and warmth
in this slightly minimal room, wicker warms and invites...

it blends with nearly any style of decorating..

the rest of the room needn't be rustic or country

it even has a certain elegance to it, and is equally friendly with fine furniture 
or rustic antiques

 I'm especially fond of these gray kubu wicker chairs with the skirted legs
 these look a little new, but could easily be taken down a notch with a little gray paint wash

I love the rustic kitchen dining look, but they also look pretty fantastic

in a more formal setting...

 Now picture a hard wooden chair in place of these...
these are better, right?

this is so cute for the bathroom...

and I like wicker storage pieces, too.

but my most favorite still has to be dining room or kitchen chairs...

they just look so right.

Do you like wicker furniture?


Hi, Please help with a paint color.  I've attached pictures of my Kitchen which opens up into my living and dining area.  The cabinets are creamy white with glaze and very yellow undertone. Uba tuba granite and tumbled marble backsplash (which unfortunatly have a pink undertone! Mistake)  

Right know the rooms are painted BM Wilmington Tan. Im looking to lighten space up with one color for all rooms that are open to each other.  I've tried BM Manchester tan (looks gray next to my cabinets and makes them look dingy). Also tried Monroe Bisque but its too yellow in my sunny room.  Tried Bleeker Bege, Revere Pewter, Edgecomb gray but the all seem to look gray and make cabinets and dining table look dingy.   I'm going craaaazzzy. Please help recommend a neutral color.  I have the BM Fan deck and can't seem to pick the right one.  I've also tried the above mentioned paints on the wall using samples.  The current color Wilmington Tan seems to work with my cabinets, granite and living room furniture but I need a change. Something Lighter.  One last note; The living room and dining room are very sunny.  Thank you in advance.

HI Audrey.    I know how hard it is to blend existing colors with a new color.  You have been going in the tan, beige to beige gray family and it isn't working - have you considered a gray green?  Your cream cabinets should love green, the travertine backsplash and the granite should also blend well, and wood tones love it too.

Benjamin Moore GRAY WISP
 Try Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp.  It's a lovely gray green - more on the gray than the green side.  Its not too dark and it is really soothing.
It works nicely with cream tones and wood tones and dark tones like your granite
Here is an example of a kitchen that has much the same color palette as your with the gray green on the walls.
The Endearing Home

Another gray green, with a little more gold in it is Guilford Gray - far left on this photo.

 Another possible is Hancock Green (Benjamin Moore)
or Nantucket Gray - (Benjamin Moore) 
My final suggestion is Benjamin Moore QUIET MOMENTS.  I love the name almost as much as the color.  It is soothing, and has less green -  more gray, and just a touch of blue in certain light. 
All of these colors should appear lighter than the color you now have, if only because they are cooler colors and will recede more than your current color and feel lighter.   As always, never choose a color without trying it out as a sample first.
Good luck!

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