For me it means going from an abundance of rich warm color to a more neutral palette, cooler tones, fresher colors, more light, more contrast, less stuff.  

If we are on a clock that triggers a need for change, I'd have to say my alarm went off about 5 years ago.... about the time I started seeing.those beautiful grays, creams, and beiges.    

Maybe it was the economy tanking - but I wasn't the only one craving change.  I found you. Thousands of friends all over the world who felt the same way.  

Some close to home.  Some so far away I'm amazed they found me.  It's taught me one thing. We all have 'home' and the need to make it a beautiful place for our families to live in common.   

I hope you know how awesome you are!  I love your comments and emails and I love helping you with your homes.  

I love sharing my favorite things with you - like this room, my dog Bailey, and my son and DH (Dear Hubs).   That makes me happy.  You make me happy.  Design makes me happy.  Family makes me happy.  Bailey the Leonberger makes me happy.

Life is good.


I have Sand Dollar on my walls now and would like to change to a beige with gold undertones. What would be a good color.
Living room dining room, really tall ceilings. 
Thank you 
Benjamin Moore SHAKER BEIGE

Joyce, I would need to know what other colors you have in your home to make the best recommendation.  Absent that, you can't go wrong with Benjamin Moore's Shaker Beige.  
It is one of their most popular neutrals, and a beautiful color.  

This reader is looking for color change, too.....

Hi Claudine,
I am having such an awful time finding the right paint color for this room.  
We have new tile going in and our painter uses Dunn Edwards.  I've been trying sample pots to the point my walls are starting to look like a patch work quilt. ha

They either go pink or yellow.  We are considering plaster on a few walls and a man bidding on the job yesterday suggested BM Manchester Tan or any color with a green undertone. I'm not in to green but he says our tile is.  I'm attaching a pic of our tile and the room.

I really appreciate any advice you might have.
I've tried Apache Tan, Golden Gate, Sand Dune, Baked Potato etc.
The room is 20 x 25 with 12 ft. ceilings, 3 big skylights and one wall of glass.  It's very light. All the windows face north and there is a 12 ft. over hang very high up.

The fireplace is going to be changed to something different which I need to figure out and the entertainment center will most likely be removed.  

All the furniture is going to be replaced except  the rug and the end tables.   And I'll include a pic of the new tile.  Also, we are in Tucson so it's more of a desert landscape.

Thank you so much for any suggestions you might have.
Amber Allen

Amber I'm sorry I couldn't get to your question sooner.  For all of you out there wanting answers to questions, remember its first come first serve, and bear in mind I'm a working designer. That means if I'm in the middle of an installation or designing for a client, or if there are lots of questions ahead of you,  I won't get to your question right away.   Try to give me a little lead time and I will make all effort to answer your question in a timely manner.

So, I'm going to answer you as I would a client.  I believe there are contractors out there who may have a built-in design sense, but I have an overwhelming amount of people who come to me unhappy with choices they made because 'the contractor said this would look good'.  A contractor is not a designer and as much as I value them, I value them for the other side of their brain - the building, measuring, putting it together part.  Not color or design choices.

If you are not into green, please don't use it in an undertone or otherwise.  I see a lot of grays in that floor tile, and that may be exactly what is needed.  A paint color with a gray undertone will be soothing and will feel cooler in that hot Tucson sun.  A griege, or gray with a warm undertone, will feel inviting and bring out the beigey bits in your tile as well.  It will go well with the wood tones you have and the rug you are keeping.

Here are some colors to try. (Dunn Edwards is also known as California Paint in other areas of the nation).   Sherwin Williams is nationwide, as is Benjamin Moore. 

BENJAMIN MOORE:  Tapestry Beige

What a wonderful house!  How fun to redecorate it!  And even though you didn't ask me specifically for design help -you did kind of open the door when you said 'any suggestions'.  If the budget allows, I would either remove or fill in that half wall with the arch dividing the kitchen and dining area.  That area either needs to be a dividing wall with a beautiful large armoire or bookcase on the living room side and a sideboard with a beautiful mirror on the dining side - or it needs to be removed.  As is, it doesn't appear to have much function other than creating a little bit of chaos in your rooms design.  Way too many arches going on... if you know what I mean.  I would opt for the fill in the arch choice, just because it breaks the space up a little and gives you a wall to place furniture on either side.

Best wishes!

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