Every room needs a focal point. 
There are obvious architectural focal points in some rooms.
Other rooms need to have one created
Paint is an excellent way to create a focal accent.
Accent walls shouldn't be overdone, but sometimes they are the perfect solution
to make an otherwise architecturally uninteresting room
a lot more interesting

And I just happen to have a question about accent walls from a reader:

Hi there
I am newly married and we are getting ready to move into our new apartment together. 
I've read a lot online about accent walls being done incorrectly and I'm trying my best to avoid making the same mistakes.   I have a beautiful open concept one bedroom apt with a lofty cape cod home feel.  Appliances and cabinets are white.  Ceiling and moldings are white.

Benjamin Moore POLO BLUE
Benjamin Moore POLO BLUE
I've selected Benjamin Moore Polo Blue (navy blue) as my accent wall color and the rest of the walls to be Benjamin Moore 1032 Bar Harbor Beige.
I am second guessing the beige choice, should I consider a beige w more a yellow undertone? My instinct says keep the 1032 i choose.
There is a good amount of sunlight that comes into our apartment
Furniture is beige brown earthy colors
Thanks so much for your advice in advance
 Warm regards,
Melissa R

Hi Melissa,
Felicitations on your marriage and your first home together.  
I love the colors you have chosen.  You don't need to second guess yourself there - they are nice together and since you have adequate light and a lot of white, the navy accent wall should be lovely.  I still recommend trying them on the wall first as a sample, just because beige's tend to change in different light - as you can see from the photos above.

 Choosing a focal point isn't as difficult as it sounds.  When you walk into a room, your eyes will be naturally drawn to an area.

It might be a fireplace, or windows, or something architectural.  That is the natural focal point of the room.   

Sometimes, it is not a feature you necessarily want to stand out.  In that case, you need to designate the focal point by creating a focal point in another area.  You  may wish to highlight an area such as a built-in, a fireplace, the wall you have your sofa on, or a gallery wall. 

In a bedroom, the bed should always be the focal point, so the wall behind the bed is a natural wall to accent.  

You are the boss - you decide what it is or where it is you want to draw the eye - but keep in mind it needs to make sense.    

Accent walls are usually solid, without doors or windows.  Sometimes, though, the windows or the view may be beautiful enough to frame with color and create an accent wall. 

I would love to see photos when your project is complete !

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