FLORAL DESIGN: Rogers Gardens, Newport Beach

Rogers Gardens held their Spring event
and the kick off of their wedding and floral studio this past weekend.

For you who are not familiar with South Orange County,
Rogers Gardens is a high-end nursery and gift shop
located near Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. 
The grounds are beautiful with mature plantings and pristine specimens for sale.

The gift shop is as you would expect a shop to be in this high rent district.
Halloween and Christmas are always spectacular at RG

I went in the morning with a friend. 
We made a little outing of it,
despite the threat of a coming winter storm bringing strong winds and rainy weather. 
I returned with my camera and husband in tow
He loves to garden, and always loves going to RG.

As expected, the gift shop was well stocked with beautiful items for spring -
I spent quality time with the camera on the fresh florals there

AFTER I ogled the gigantic crystal chandelier
the white pottery 
and this wall of art i completely fell in love with

there were fresh arrangements in every room,
advertising the new Rogers Gardens floral studio

this arrangement, full of roses and orchids, was one of my favorites
and like I always say, a beautiful container can make an arrangement

roses and hydrangeas ring the bottom of pink blossoming branches
in blue and white ceramic
repeated over and over for impact on this table

on another table red glazed pottery holds hydrangea, roses, camelias and cymbidium orchids

around the base of flowering magnolia branches

loved this dramatic pink and red display

layers of color and texture make this table setting
perfectly delicious and inviting

a cast iron urn holds roses and pincushion flowers

really loved this cloudy antiqued mirror
and the floral and its perfect container
and the use of geranium leaves
and those fuzzy green dianthus

and the berries and fragrant pink jasmine
and cherry blossoms

pink and green, in green urns, with spring green branches

fresh green hydrangea heads add texture

a galvanized bucket holds a rich assortment of twigs, white and blue hydrangea
pink roses, and artichoke heads

oh, how do I love thee Peonies?
let me count the ways
fresh pink and ruffled
with unbelievable raspberry hydrangeas
and two toned roses
and some fuzzy green dianthus
in a fresh shiny white ceramic urn

ranunculus, roses and sweetpeas
dramatic against the black pot and table

succulents and open roses in pale pink and peach
my favorite
the large white iron urns
full of twigs
surrounded by white hydrangea
white roses, white wax flower
and white leafed kale

and simple

wedding candleabra in pale pale peach, pink and cream

more white hydrangeas

delicious striped tulips
with pink peonies
deep pink hydrangeas
sweet peas, roses and fuzzy greens and berries

yellow and green roses, lenten roses, and really awesome berries

faux flowering branches reach skyward from these anduze style urns
filled with bright yellow and orange

ranunculus, tropical croteus, tiny yellow flowers - sorry don't remember the name of that one

tuberous begonias

geranium leaves and dahlias

love that combination - and the use of faux branches -
you'd never know unless you grabbed one that is wasn't real.

Don't you love fresh flowers?
More photos to come of the actual nursery and plants
If you are able, its definitely worth the trip!

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