There are specific words that come to mind for the color green.  Words like nature, calm, serene, soothing and 'Spring'. 

 1 SEAGRASS Ralph Lauren;  2 LOVELY GREEN Valspar; 3 MINSTER GREEN Farrow and Ball;  4 SPRING MEADOW GREEN Benjamin Moore

There are hues of green that are deep and earthy -
others that are fresh and Spring-like -
dirty greens with browns mixed in,
cool greens with gray
and even cooler greens with a touch of blue.
There are citrus greens, sage greens, olive greens, blue greens, moss greens, grass greens and acid greens.  There is a green to suit every palette.
My personal favorite:  one on the grey side, or soft and citrusy

You may not feel the need to bring a strong green into your life,
but a soft silvery neutral green or a deep olive is a beautiful backdrop you may wish to explore. Sometimes green doesn't look very green at all.

Green is a color with many friends.
It plays nicely with a wide spectrum of other colors.
You have only to observe nature to see how it enhances all the other colors it touches

 and the sheer variety of green in nature is an amazing spectrum.

Currently, the greens we are seeing in the design world are soft - muted with greys; or clear clean colors - kelly green to lime.  No mint or forest greens are on the horizon, for which I am glad as they are my least favorite of the greens!

It should be noted when painting kitchens, if your cabinets are white or wood,
you can add color to your walls.
If the cabinets are painted a distinct color, they become your wall color and essentially your walls.
The rest of your kitchen walls should show off the beautifully painted cabinets -
a neutral or a white may be your best bet.
Otherwise, your kitchen may be a war of two colors fighting for dominance.

[ http://www.decorpad.com/ ]
A deep greyish olive green in this kitchen serves as a dramatic, yet neutral backdrop.
A neutral is just that - it doesn't dictate a color scheme.
It should be able to blend into whatever color scheme or accent color you choose
and not be the focal point of your room.

painted cabinets and soft pear green walls give this kitchen a fresh perspective

Country Living

elements of style blog
the gray greens of the cabinet and white retro subway tile walls in this kitchen are easy on the eye.
I love this soothing palette
(Notice the brass hardware?  Brass is back.)

Benjamin Moore [Providence Olive] walls and painted white cabinets.
another soothing palette - soft olive in the kitchen above.

the softest of khaki green - more grey than green really - blends nicely with the stainless appliances
 (this one gives me kitchen envy with that generous work space)

decorpad - greenish grey 

Coastal Livingin a bit of a twist - the color is on the painted floor in this kitchen.  I've been seeing more and more painted floors lately - it is a new trend?

sometimes all that is needed are green accents www.countryliving.com

updated avocado [www.decorpad.com] blends well with stainless appliances and creamy white walls
although I'm not sure I can fully embrace this color  - yet

soft blue green and fresh white with dark woodselements of style blog

Benjamin Moore [Nantucket Gray].
Check out the ceiling - gives relief to the wide expanse of white on the walls
elements of style

white haven interiors
country living
Cheerful Citrus
house beautiful
Love this gray-green color
it is so soothing
house beautiful

Soft blue-green cabinets

country living
softest hint of green, and another painted floor

Green Like Fresh Pears
bold use of tile in this modern kitchen

Martha Stewarts kitchen line with Home Depot
Her signature gray green
martha stewartcabinets and hardware available through home depot
a muted blue-gray green
Benjamin Moore [Great Barrington Green]
House Beautiful
A soft celery green
Benjamin Moore [Sweet Caroline] (flickr)

A soft yellow green - grayed and mellowed
Pratt and Lambert [Gray Mist]
(Love the lantern light pendants)

Apple green
home edu

Aqua blue cabinets
Carla Davis designs

it is always fresh with white

Deep brown with soft green creates a natural, earthy feel

kelly green - if you love it, wrap yourself in it...
[domino magazine]

[ http://www.decorpad.com/ ]
just a tint of muted olive
grayed down neutrals create a feeling of serenity and calm, so they are perfect for bedrooms
the olive green accent wall is decidedly masculine in this minimal-style bedroom
green is a good color for the men in your life

No matter the hue of green - it always looks fresh with white

neutral means just that - it doesn't dictate the color of your whole room - it just creates a beautiful backdrop
the softest teal green on the walls and fabrics are perfect mates to the darker teal of the painted furniture
Sometimes paint - Sometimes furnishings
Green has come into its own
grass green accents to bring the outdoors in
[Tobi Fairley]
the softest of gray toned khaki green enhances this formal space
[ http://www.decorpad.com/ ]

a softer hue works well in this more feminine living room

acid green
decidedly more modern and masculine

sherwin williams [ryegrass]
benjamin moore [aganthus green]
cool olive green compliments the warmer colors of gold and orange


seafoam green makes a dramatic statement in this entry

A deeper teal green serves as a restful background in this library
Katy Elliott

cote de texas
soft green and tan in simple french design

from Erika Powell
touch of nature - natural history prints and antique green bench


Erika Powell
dramatic deep green walls

Apartment Therapy

soft blue green - garden theme
Nest Egg blog

Erika Powell

. . 

While the green and white palette is on the soft citrus side of  the spectrum, the deep wood tones are a perfect anchor to this light filled room

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