My bedroom needs a facelift
It's funny how you can live in a room for years
and not really see it

Suddenly, one day it hits you
this room is really outdated

Its definitely a room that should be appealing.
it should be the first room in the house to be decorated
but is often the last

In my case, life got busy and my bedroom was never 'finished'
it should be my haven
my shelter from the storm
my warm place to come home to
Cozy, serene, romantic

Most importantly it should be comfortable
a little luxurious and a little practical
there should be a place to read, to relax, to put on shoes...
soft lighting, not too much furniture, no clutter

I have a lot of work to do.
my bedroom needs a facelift
and I'm excited to get started

here are some ideas that inspire me....
I hope they do the same for you!

I love the whole simplicity of this room.  Simple non-fussy french style curtains, linen on the bed in a neutral palette, unconventional bedside furniture, seagrass on the floor. 

In this room its the wall color that inspires me.
I'm a 'gold/yellow' person.  So this neutral gold on the walls speaks to me

here is that gold again.  it looks yummy with rich wood tones
I love a neutral bed.  Color, if any, can be added with pillows
I love the little bench at the bottom of the bed with a distressed wood finish

This bed is a little less neutral but still makes me want to
snuggle right into it.
And I love the simple curtain panels
with a little trim on the leading edge

This room is not my inspiration, but
my bed looks like this
rich mahogany, carved, four-poster
That will stay in the room...  
my husband loves it
and he lives here too

I like the wall mounted sconces, the linens, and maybe even the faux canopy -
 although I'm a little on the fence about that.
What do you think? 

Look familiar?
This is the set from 'It's Complicated'
simple neutral palette
uncomplicated window treatments
no matching pieces, like the furniture has been 'collected' over the years
I like all of the 'pieces' of this room
and the ceiling is interesting, too
my room is nowhere near this size
and yet this inspires me
Candace Olson is the designer and has made this cavernous space
By creating 'areas' within a room you can do the same
no matter the size of the room

Cote de Texas - you must visit this site if for uncomplicated french design

I have a problem with my computer right now that doesn't allow me to
access the source of my photos and I do apologize. 
However, I can say that one of my favorite sites for inspiration is Cote de Texas -
for purely french design at its simple best. 
Like this room - I love the bedding, again
I love this unstructured look
that still looks luxurious
but effortless

 I'm inspired by curtains - they finish a room
forget about all the excuses
'don't want to block the light'
'I have shutters'
'I need to see my view'
'It looks fine without them'
Once you see the difference they make and the texture and dimension they add
you will never find excuses again
 I like mine simple
on simple rods
 solid or print, depending on the room and decor

 they should puddle a little
it adds a feeling of luxury
and doesn't look like you forgot to measure properly 

I love the blinds behind the simple curtains
mounted up high as they can go
also love the bench at the foot of the bed and the seagrass flooring

 as curtains go, these are kind of perfect -
linen with a little bit of trim on the leading edge
simple panels, pinch pleated on rings and a simple rod
touching the floor with a slight puddle -

another perfectly puddled pair
You need to look down for my inspiration here, althought the chest is cute,
its my flooring that needs updating.
Right now I have the previous owner's choice
(old and really ugly berber carpet)
my husband wants hardwood
and I think I will add a rug of this seagrass
beautiful, sturdy, simple

This bedroom has seagrass wall to wall.
Seagrass is stain resistant and inexpensive
doesn't it look wonderful with the simple bedding
and the neutral palette?
I need inspiration for the master bathroom that is part of this bedroom
I'm looking for classic neutrals in the bath area
like this crema marfil marble

or this carrera marble with classic white subway tile
The sink vanity is an opportunity to add warmth and beauty in a bathroom
I love, love, love repurposing used or antique furniture into vanities
it adds character, charm and beauty
a little carpentry needs to be done on the inside
and a countertop added to the top
but the result is one of a kind
This shower inspires me
love the clean frameless glass enclosure
I'm taking out my 'too high' tub and replacing it with a walk in shower
(did I mention it is ugly, too?)
But I do give it credit for the proposed changes
as it is the leak under the tub that is the genesis of this facelift

I like using furniture as a vanity,
but this is more practical
lots of storage

and I like the idea of two separate vanities
instead of a double sink cabinet
I'm inspired by classic materials
these large horizontal marble 'subway style' tiles
are gorgeous and would look great
in my new shower...

and I like the look of this type of vanity -
but would never be able to keep it this tidy
(where do they put the rest of the 'stuff'?)
So many things to consider - like should the faucets be wall mounted
or countertop installed?  I like the look of these wall mounted faucets.

More things to consider.  A traditional or a vessel sink?
A vessel would look wonderful on a vintage vanity 
I love this board and batten wall treatment
It would look good in the potty room
(anything would be an improvement in that tiny little room)

The bookcases are my inspiration in this photo
I am in need of decluttering my bedroom
so I'm removing the furniture - armoire and dressers
and building a wall of drawers topped with bookcases
to hold my husband's growing collection of books -
a bookcase that will go up that tall wall to the vaulted ceiling
or almost
we may need a ladder...

drawers for clothes storage on the bottom
shelves for flat screen tv, books and accessories on top
and no other extraneous furniture in the room
except for a comfy chair or a bench
and tables or chests beside the bed for lamps
my goal is to make my bedroom
a nest
and I must add reading sconces
you can never have too much light

Look around - can you improve on your bedroom?
Is it a NEST?
Is there something you don't love about your room?
What would you like to change?
What needs updating?

When you create your nest
Don't settle.
Find ways to afford the luxuries you need to create your haven
by shopping discount, craigs list, and swap meets for some of the items
or by finding a less expensive item that conveys the same look
and doing some of the work yourself - like sewing curtains or painting
green decorating is in. 
reuse and repurpose what you can
get the best you can afford for the rest

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