This Summer season has flown by so quickly
and I've barely mentioned gardens at all
(probably because I have been trying to ignore the awful state my own garden is in)

But I do have the pictures I took of the garden at Ward and Child, a rather wonderful home decor and
garden shop I try to stop by when I visit
Salt Lake City, where my mother lives.

and I really loved this unique and musical water feature there

water adds so much to a garden, don't you think?

...and to all my sweet friends who have asked after and offered your concern
my mom is doing much, much better - not bad for almost 96, huh?
thank you!

I have a few questions to answer today....
And I have some more pictures from visits to gardens and garden shops this summer which I will post at the end of the questions...

In that first picture of the two trees... Do you know a purple that would match that and a medium/light grey that would go with it? Thanks. Kandice

Hi Kandice,
Benjamin Moore's Caribbean Sunset looks pretty close to me, and the grays with the proper undertone to go with that would be Stone (Benjamin Moore) for a medium to dark hue, and  Benjamin Moore Silver Song for the lighter color. 

Benjamin Moore Silver Song
 Actually, I have been dying to try Sherwin Williams' new Chip It! feature. (Check it out for yourself at Sherwin Williams)  Lets see what it comes up with....
 Hope this helps you!

Love your blog! Could you tell me which of the greige colors you suggested would be the best choice for a living room with garden accents, a fireplace with Noce tumbled stone and a creamy white mantel? I also have a 9 ft wide oak wall unit in this room. 

Wow, the field is wide open.  You have perfect neutrals to work with - Noce tumbled travertine and creamy white - it will just be a matter of what depth of color you like best in your home.  If you want to keep the garden feel, you will probably want a little lighter greige (gray/beige).  If you want to accent the white mantel and blend your walls into the tumbled Noce, a medium to dark tone might be the ticket.  Be sure to select a few colors to try as samples, and take a bit of the stone with you to make your choices easier.  Don't worry about an exact match, just try to stay in the same 'family'.

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore - in my opinion - have the best options on greige (gray/beige).   Here are a few for you to consider.  It will depend mostly on the light in your room and the tone of the tumbled stone (does it have a gold undertone, or it is more taupey?)
Bleeker Beige - Benjamin Moore
Garden Web
Bleeker Beige is a very popular color by Benjamin Moore.  You can see it also goes nicely with oak.
Bleeker Beige - Benjamin Moore

Copley Grey - Benjamin Moore
 Copley Grey and Fashion Gray are sophisticated with a touch of warm.
Fashion Gray (Behr Paints)

Char Brown - Benjamin Moore
 Char Brown is dark and elegant. 

Gray Area - Sherwin Williams
Gray Area goes well with tans and gold tones.  If your Noce has a little gold in it, this might work well.

Mesa Verde Tan - Benjamin Moore
One of my very favorites - Mesa Verde Tan's name hides the fact that it is a gray.
Perfect Greige - Sherwin Williams
  Perfect Greige is - well - perfect.
Revere Pewter - Benjamin Moore
 Revere Pewter - probably the most perfect gray ever ... just sayin....

Mega Griege - Sherwin Williams
Chasing Davies
Mega Greige is mega gorgeous...
Agreeable Gray - Sherwin Williams
Agreeable Gray - love the names of the Sherwin Williams grays - is soothing
Analytical Gray - Sherwin Williams
Analytical Gray - another medium toned gray

Wool Skein - Sherwin Williams
Wool Skein is in the warmer color range - more beige than gray, but still with a good gray undertone.
Windsor Greige - Sherwin Williams
Windsor Greige is on the warmer side, as well.  A little darker than Wool Skein.  Hope I didn't overwhelm you, but wanted to give you a good group to choose some to try.  Purchase sample pots of 3-4 colors to try out in your space -(never purchase paint without trying it out first!)

Good luck!

On a visit earlier this season to Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach, California, I took a few pictures...

Rogers Gardens
 I love visiting this nursery.  Its inspirational. Their plants are always in pristine condition, and there are gorgeous wreaths at every entrance.
their baskets and pots always show beautiful plant combinations.

On one of my visits to Salt Lake this season, I discovered a garden store called Cactus and Tropicals.  C and T has beautiful orchids and tropicals in a huge tented and climate controlled nursery.

and a cute little gift shop

love that little galvanized stand under the glass dome..

in fact I loved all the galvanized metal items...

water features always enhance a garden, and C and T had some great fountains

 both large and small
were my suitcase large enough... this tabletop version would have come home with me...

Also in Salt Lake, Ward and Child is a home furnishings and garden decor store, with a beautiful garden of its own.   Its a favorite stop.

Ward and Child entrance

at the rear of the shop - garden entrance

 two of my adorable big sisters.... 

Inside, the sights are nearly as lovely.
 garden themed decor

great lamps

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring"...  Marilyn Monroe

I thought the lighted twigs in the lanterns was a great outdoor entertaining idea....

Back in Southern California, succulents take center stage at another visit to Rogers Gardens

their planted urns resemble a tapestry

 Bye bye Summer -

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