Remember when you had to have all of your metals matching?  All bronze.  All brushed nickel or stainless? And brass was a thing of the past?  That whole yellow/gold thing - gone?

Well, its back.  Brass and gold and copper.  And we are still keeping bronze, polished and brushed nickel, stainless steel and natural iron.  And its okay to mix it up. Finally!

Provided you do it the right way....

Here are some helpful hints for you:
House Beautiful

1.  Choose a primary and a secondary metal - The primary metal is the one you will use most in a space.  The secondary metal is for accent.   For example... you may have all stainless appliances in your kitchen, but bring in a bronze faucet or cabinet handles.   Or, chrome bathroom fixtures and brass lighting fixtures.  You get the picture...in fact here is a picture to help you visualize mixing metals.


2.  Contrast is nice.  If you have a cool color scheme or a very neutral palette, a pop of gold or copper may be just the ticket to warm it up a little.  Some metals just naturally go better with certain colors, but don't forget that contrasts are what take things from boring to beautiful.

Crate and Barrel

3. Not everything needs to be shiny.  Matte metals are a good change.  Textured metals mixed with matte or shiny create greater appeal.  Combine shine with matte, etched, hammered metals for a rich look.


4.  Some metals are natural neutrals - like the natural black tones of iron or the darkest bronze.  They won't scream too many metals when added to your look.
Lilyfield Life


Home Stratosphere

Vintage Unscripted
5.  Metals don't have to be metal... if you know what I mean.  There are metallic paints and finishes on fabric.  Don't forget your other options when adding metals to a room.

Vintage Unscripted


6.  Spacing your accent metals out will keep your room from looking overly metallic.  Use a gentle, not heavy, hand when adding metals.

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