If you have been following the blog, you should have a lighted, skirted and beribboned tree.
It probably looks pretty darn good with all those little lights
but its going to get WAY better looking in Part IV

In case you missed them:
Part I
Part II
Part III

(Its like adding jewelry to a beautiful dress.)  

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I don't need to tell you how many variety of ornaments there are available.  Each year I add a few to my huge collection, simply because they are irresistible.  There are ornaments we collect over the years, and some we buy quickly to fill a tree.  There are exquisite blown glass ornaments and children's handmade ornaments.  Their are ornaments that have special memories attached and some that are purchased simply because they are beautiful.

For a beautiful Christmas tree,
it helps to know your style and to be consistent with that style.
Your style is your personal preference.
So I'm not going to try to tell you WHAT to put on your tree,
just HOW.
But if you have ornaments that your kids made over the years that your family expects to see on the tree, and what you really want is a change - a tree full of crystal, glitter and glass
Sarah Richardson Design

or a themed tree of snowmen and candy canes...
Consider adding another smaller tree for the kids and those precious ornaments in another room.

If you have a tree that looks like this...

and you want one that is more like this....
Plum Creek Place
You are going to need to make a few changes - 
but how fun is that?

I have a more formal tree with 'grown-up' ornaments in my formal living room, and a crazy colorful smaller tree with bright handmade and casual style ornaments in the family room.  One is beautiful, one is fun and full of memories.

But, back to adding the ornaments.
There are 6 elements to consider when adding ornaments:

The Unexpected

CBID Design

Amount is determined by personal preference.  Some people like a tree fully laden -

Pier 1 Imports
some like fewer ornaments.


The most important thing in regards to amount is that the tree not look bare, and that the ornaments should not only be on the tips of the branches.  Most people will need to add to their collection once they start layering their ornaments properly.

Ornament collections should have a variety of shapes and sizes.
Ecstasy Coffee
Start with the largest ornaments and distribute them evenly over the tree, paying attention to balanced distribution of the shapes as well. 
The larger ornaments are great for filling holes.

Follow with the medium sized and the smaller sized ornaments,
distributing them around the tree to create balance.
Home by Heidi
Sometimes this seems a difficult task, and I find it helps if I mentally divide the tree into 3 or 4 sides, and make sure each side has a good representation of all the shapes and sizes.

The most important rule to adding ornaments is to treat them as we did the lights.
CBID Design
Some deep inside the tree, and some on the outside branches

If you layer the ornaments, you will get a feeling of depth
and the tree won't feel sparse or 'naked'.


If you have paid attention to the shape, size, layering and proper amount of ornaments, you should be seeing a pretty well balanced tree.  At this point I like to take a step or two back and see if there are any areas that seem blank or overly populated, and adjust.
Pier 1 Imports
Balance applies not only to space, but to shape or type, and to color.


Even distribution is the goal, so stepping back with a critical eye gives you a better overall perspective.
Canadian Log Homes

Master the Masses


The surprise elements.  Things that bear closer inspection. 
The touches that make the tree unique to you.  

Like over-sized banners...
Ella Claire

Celebrating Everyday Life

CBID Design
Glittering foliage...

The Project Girl

Fun and unique garland...

Just Destiny

Just Destiny

Paper stars...
Just Destiny

Just Destiny

Faux succulents
CBID Design

CBID Design


The Hamby Home

Clean and Scentsible

Pine Cones...
My Sweet Savannah

Craftberry Bush

Sprigs of Baby's Breath
The Decorated House

 Dried Hydrangea 
Dandelion Patina

The Decorated House

By Stephanie Lynn

 You are limited only by your imagination...
CBID Design



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