Sometimes we find a home with perfect architectural details.
But mostly, we don't.

Most often we need to add the details that make a room beautiful.
like coffered or plank ceilings,
crown and base moldings
built in cabinets
and window trim...

Occasionally we need to remove things - 
walls or weird architectural elements...
like - 
what the heck were they thinking?

but most often you will need to add some charm...

If you are living in a fairly modern suburban tract home, 
you are probably living without a lot of the details 
that I believe create beauty and quality in a room

here are a few budget friendly and DIY changes you can make...
framed windows
substantial crown moldings

a little molding around those bathroom mirrors creates instant charm...

beef up your baseboards...
how to here

frame out doors and room openings

When you hire a professional,
walls can be more than drywall, plaster and paint

Staircases are classic areas for a little architectural charm.
skirting and paneling embellish and enhance the walls
spindles, posts, bannisters can add great style

and don't forget the 5th wall - the ceiling...
Here's a little feast for your detail starved eyes…

by Aldon Thompson of Thompson Construction.

by Aldon Thompson of Thompson Construction.

by Aldon Thompson of Thompson Construction.



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