NEW INTERIOR COLOR...but not gray... and a SFO Trip

I'm so far behind in answering questions from readers.... and in posting!  Time to catch up!
With my little medical trauma while I was in Texas, and then the passing of my sweet mother... I got a little behind.  Actually, the two slab leaks in my home started it out - wayyyy back when - and then we started our remodel and things are pretty chaotic - and dusty - and noisy...

So to escape, we decided to take a drive to San Francisco to see my son, James. (aka Dr. Awesome).
 The Central Valley windmills were motionless - a windless day meant clearer skies NOT filled with dust from the drought...

We took the Oakland Bay Bridge in this trip - a quick trip so we didn't have time to sight see...

yes, that's the blimp...

Our purpose was two-fold in going to San Francisco.  To see him, of course...
and to decorate a bit...the perks of having a designer as a mom....

We stopped at his office on Mission Bay and saved him his 45 minute commute...
 Not a bad view!

His apartment is in this old home which has been converted into many rented rooms 
in a beautiful neighborhood... so I had to snoop a little...
love to check out well kept vintage homes...

This one had a lovely garden...
so I had a peek...

love the sculpted boxwoods...

 It was interesting to see the outskirts of the city...
and not hang out in the city center with all the tourists...
and of course, I loved the fog rolling in at the end of the day...

 but then the visit took an ugly turn....
Mr. B got up in the middle of the night
in the dark
to use the bathroom
and chose the wrong door
and fell down a steep flight of stairs to the basement
in the dark
 we don't have basements in Orange County.

the doctor told him he was lucky to be alive
all sorts of scenarios went through my mind of what could have been - 

broken neck
brain trauma
broken limbs
blood clots

instead, he miraculously walked up the stairs
with a little help
only bruised and battered
nothing broken

we were very fortunate
events like that make you realize how fragile life is
how in a moment
your life can change forever

 We decided to take an extra day to make sure Mr. B felt well enough to travel
and found this amazing antique shop called Big Daddys.

not far from Mission Bay on 17th Street
 filled with wonderful old things

Big Daddys makes their own light fixtures 
from junk...


 and the best part is
they have a store in LA on La Cienega...
 because there was no way I was getting anything else in our car...

 such a fun diversion!
here is their website



Hi there!
 I've recently decided to update my house interior by giving it a fresh coat of paint. The problem is, I'm having trouble choosing a neutral color that will look nice throughout the entire house. Most taupe and beige colors look too yellow for my taste. And I steer away from grey because my exterior is a shade of gray. I'm honestly not sure what I'm left with after that. I have firmly decided on BM's White Dove for the kitchen cabinets though.
All Ideas are welcome!! Thanks. -Sheri

Hi Sheri:
Benjamin Moore's color of the year might be the perfect choice.  Its a lovely, soft, gray green - with just enough gray in it to soften and make it soothing. 

Guilford Green is a perfect neutral that goes with nearly every other color - see my post on that here.


link within

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