I just spent a week in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
I had clients to see in Utah
so I also took the opportunity to visit my son, James 
and my mom.

We drove
(from California coast to Utah) 
(Well, the hubs did anyway.)  
He drove and I manned the camera... 
Bailey came, too - she really is the BEST traveler...

The first leg of the trip - Orange County to Las Vegas - is a little dull

lots of  nothing in between nothing, not very scenic
but eventually, in the distance, Las Vegas...
Bailey gives Vegas the sniff test...

and then more miles of Nevada desert....
(lots of brown...)

The next leg gets a little more interesting - a little corner of Arizona
known as the Virgin River Gorge
Some road work through there allowed us to lower the windows and let the fur fly

 The Gorge itself is kind of intimidating - it towers around you...
rugged and desolate

wind eroded and kind of awesome...

we saw bighorn sheep here once

but it isn't until you leave the gorge that the color starts

crossing into Utah and Color Country

red cliffs, purple hills, and snow capped blue mountains in the distance

welcome to the colorful town of St. George, Utah.

I was kind of blown away by how much this little town had grown.

We were so close to Zion National Park that just had to visit...
 those red mountains looked amazing with a little sprinkling of snow still on the peaks...

After a few days with clients, we headed north to Salt Lake valley.

I just couldn't get enough of the sky
its why I love the Rockies in Spring - 
miles and miles of clouds
it looks like the sky goes on forever
the clouds were spectacular with a little weather moving in

enormous billowy clouds

Bailey enjoyed the fresh mountain air

 the high mountain valleys were beautiful
but it was the sky that won my heart
I couldn't stop snapping photos

touches of snow still resting on the high peaks

rain was expected...

and delivered

but the hail and snow the next day in Salt Lake was a surprise

happily it didn't last long and when we went to see Mom,
Bailey was allowed to visit, too...
love how the photo shows how BIG she is...
 my mom is 97 and I was so happy to see her 
even though she didn't seem to know who I was this visit...

We spent some time in  my favorite town,
Park City, with the olympic park ski jump prominent in the landscape

 such a fun little town, and not too crowded with ski season at an end
and the warm weather tourist trade not yet in full swing

but we found a few fun shops to browse

and I kind of fell in love with this barn...

Next we went to Provo - our son is attending Brigham Young University
The ride down, as the sun set, was another photo snapping frenzy

first with a little spring rainstorm and this amazing tunnel like cloud formation

and then... sunset

Provo, with the Y on the hill
and an evening with James


Time to go home...
Can you tell Bailey is excited?

Hope you enjoyed sharing my trip, and amateur photography
Until next post,
Best wishes!


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