So, I've been wondering if I'm the only one who seems to have trouble dressing my own bed….
Nothing out there is inspiring me...
I usually end up with boring white...
when I'd much rather have something eclectic like this:

Shimmer Me Pretty
and I positively hate 'packaged' bedding sets...
way too matchy matchy...
and too many shiny pillows - you know the ones
so tell me, where do you get your bed making inspiration?

What great pictures!  I am picking out paints and love the new griege colors mixing beige with gray tones.  I do want to lean more towards the beige for most of the wall colors and then have a room with heavier gray tones but want them to flow nicely.  I was looking at kangaroo by Benjamin Moore and saw the picture you posted.  ( http://yournestdesign.blogspot.com/2011/11/questions-from-readers-answered.html ) Is the color that dark or is it the shading in the stairwell.  Deanna Sheffler

Hi Deanna,
Kangaroo is on the lighter to medium side.  It all depends on the amount of light in the room, the ceiling height and size of the room.  As an example, here are a couple of rooms all painted Kangaroo - look at the variation in color. 

Painters Place

Painters Place


Best bet is to throw some samples up on the wall and see how it looks in your living space.  If you want a lighter tone, of the gray/beige, I just pained my interior Revere Pewter.  

I love it.  
It is beautiful, calming, fresh, light, warm, quiet - give it a whirl!

link within

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