There is no excuse, my friends, for boring walls....

Especially when you can get quality frames for so little $$$.

I love this look.
A nice white mat around a black and white image
with a narrow-ish black frame
these Ribba frames from Ikea come with precut mats
and in several colors...
and are seriously cheap
and if you need to change the mat size, its simply done at
Michaels or Aaron Brothers - also for little $$$
(tip:  keep your mats the same color, and your frames similar for this look)

 Most of us have good photo quality printers, and photo paper is easy to obtain at your local office supply store
and with photo software, changing your digital images to black and white
is as simple as a couple of key strokes

a little cropping
a little adjustment to contrast or brightness
and a quick print - and you have a start to a beautiful wall arrangement

if you are less than confident about printing them yourself, Mpix does a wonderful job with lightning speed turnaround and professional photo lab quality - 
just send them your digital images and specify the size
all for amazingly little $$$
if you prefer a more eclectic look, check out your discount home stores for more unique frames -
for a mere pittance -
(or the sales at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)
Bottom Line......
you have no excuse for boring walls!
and its a quick and cheap decorating diy project!
that can be as large
or as small
as you wish
What better way to add some new life to your walls
with the pictures of those you hold dear...


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