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Choosing a color for your home, especially if it is an open concept floor plan and all rooms flow together, can be a little difficult. 

You need to first ask yourself what type of 'feel' you want.  
Cozy? Dramatic? Airy? Clean?

For Cozy choose more of a mid range tone - not too dark, not too light. 
Newlywed Diaries

Coco Cozy

Dramatic - go a little or a lot darker in tone.
House Beautiful

My Design Chic
Airy and clean is in the lighter to lightest range.

Coco Cozy

The Lettered Cottage
Next take a look at your current home decor - is it primarily warm toned, or cool toned?  Warm toned would be in the gold, yellow, orange, coral, red, brick, magenta, pink, chocolate, tan and some purples range. 

Cool is more blues, greens, grays/greys, taupes, beige, purple, black and some browns range.

The Lily Pad Cottage
The Urban Farmhouse

If you have a warm palette, adding a warm background could make your decor feel a little overheated.  Sometimes its best to cool the background down a little and let your warm palette stand out.  

Of course none of this takes precedence over actually trying out the color in your own home.  Different parts of the country have different types of light.  Ceiling height and room size come into play as well and can create a paint hue change, as can current decor.

So, any recommendation I make is always subject to you trying it out in your own home - preferably on a white poster board or foam core board, leaving a good 2" margin around so that your current wall color doesn't influence how the paint looks. 

Oh, and do two coats, after drying in between, so you get a true example of the paint color.


I live in a newly built home, dark hardwood floors, open concept and dark oak cupboards in kitchen with large grey tile. 
I am looking to paint and not sure the colour as it would have to flow throughout . If I did the kitchen a separate color it would have to be of similar palette. 
I have white crown molding, base board and shutters. I want a nice clean, airy feel and unsure what colour to do. The ones I have looked at so far are:

BM Revere Pewter, 

BM grey wisp, 

BM cliff side grey, 

BM grey owl, 

BM sea haze. 

Do u feel any of those colors would flow properly throughout??? Every room leads to another, from upstairs to downstairs and I don't want a break up of several different colours. Your opinion would be so appreciated as I'm so unsure. I have pot lights in ceiling and other than that natural light with a large window in the living room as well as the kitchen.  

Thank you. 
Benjamin Moore SEA HAZE

Benjamin Moore CLIFF SIDE GRAY
Elle Decor

Benjamin Moore GRAY OWL

Most of the colors you have been looking at would be beautiful as a single color throughout the house.  BM Revere Pewter is a personal favorite of mine.  Gray Wisp, Cliff Side Gray and Sea Haze are also lovely.  Gray Owl is another favorite.  Most have a slight blue or blue green undertone - with the exception of Revere Pewter which is a gray with a beige undertone. All are on the lighter side.  Since any of these are possible, the test will be in painting some samples and putting them up around the rooms to see what color looks best to you, and which looks the best with your furniture and current decor. They are all neutrals and as such should go nicely with many colors.  Since this is a color that will be throughout your house, make sure you actually like it!   Good luck!

Benjamin Moore GRAY WISP

Benjamin Moore REVERE PEWTER


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