Beautiful and soothing.

Blue, green, by whatever name you choose to call it

Grayed down and gentle
 its a winner


Hi there,
I just discovered your blog by way of Pinterest. Saw a photo of a beautiful blue-grey room and the caption said that you used the same color in your son's room.  Can you tell me what color you used? It was an older post about tans/beiges/grays. Love, love, love your pics!! 

Thank you, Maura!  The color was Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray.  I used it with fresh white trim and black accents.  Still looks amazing.

Hi, Claudine. I love your ideas. Have a question on exterior colors. My 1926 Cape Cod type cottage with wonderful redwood siding has been painted BM Horizon Gray on the siding. 

BM Horizon Gray

BM Sea Pine
The windows are going to be painted BM Sea Pine and the trim around the windows and doors is going to be BM Antique White. My front door is one of those old wooden doors that have an interior (multi-mullioned) window running the full length that opens inward -- leaving only a screen inside the wooden frame of the door. We stripped the wooden frame and believe we can stain it a nice honey color or something richer, but the window mullions in the door need to be painted because they are glazed on the outside. So any ideas for the front door color? We were thinking BM Raisin Torte, but nixed it as clashing with the wood frame. Would a darker blue-green or darker gray green by BM be better? Any suggestions. Or do you think the door should be painted all one color? Thanks so much 

My gut says go with one color.  Something bold that says "enter here" and makes a statement.  A two toned door won't have the same impact, and a honey tone with these colors may not be strong enough.  The gray, white and green need something stronger than them - Raisin Torte would work in a nice glossy coat - or a dark charcoal-almost black, like Kendall Charcoal - also in a glossy coat.  Here are a few suggestions for your front door:

Amanda Carol at Home

Deep dark plum
Maria Killam

Casa Sugar

Maria Killam

Gem of the Week

Good Luck!

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