USING GOLD at Christmas
will add a warm glow to your decor...

I love combining gold ornaments and decorations with
bronze and silver - the combination is heady

but its also beautiful with blue - the cool tones playing up the warmth of the gold

but truth be told, I can't think of a color that gold doesn't enhance

red and gold has always been a favorite duo

and gold always looks rich and warm with fresh greenery

Gold is beautiful in candlelight
or on the Whitehouse tree

Gold plays nicely with other metals

At Christmas, gold is rich and regal

While other metals manage to look rustic or casual or even country

Gold never takes it down a notch

it is always warmth and elegance

and it always brings its surroundings up a notch

or two

even just a touch elevates

Merry Christmas to all.
Have a golden holiday season!

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