Each year when I decorate Betty's house I try to take photographs to capture how amazing her house looks all dressed up for the holidays... and each year I fail.

This year, I decided to put it in the hands of a professional photographer.  The difference was amazing. Shawna of Bleudog Photography has such an amazing eye. The photos were all taken in natural light -which she prefers. So much talent.  I'm so lucky she had a minute!

A fresh green centerpiece is created each year...
Its become a tradition with Betty and I
some years we plan it
and some years we wing it...
we did a little planning on this one,

Betty planted the succulents in the apothecary jars ahead of time

and the rest fell into place

The wreath begins 'plain' 

and is dressed the same colors and ribbon as the tree and bannister

The tree is a marvel...
it begins as a scrawny bean pole of the tree
more trunk than anything else
we call it our 'Charlie Brown' tree 
its stand is a garden urn
filled with rocks and moss

 it never disappoints
it always, always, transforms into beauty

 Once the tree is done, the rest of the house gets a dusting of Christmas cheer

 This year we played with soft greens, silver and bronze
and added burlap for contrast and warmth 

Bettys growing collection of nutcrackers is the family room focal point

This year she added this totem...

 and the kitchen has its own little collection of cooks and bakers and sushi chefs

 Shawna couldn't resist photographing the front walkway, 

with festive red cyclamen 

Gardening is one of Betty's hobbies,

and it shows...

Thank you for letting me add a little glitter to your beautiful home!


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