Adding color to your room takes an artists eye.

Too many of us get caught up in the 'matchy matchy' world.
You know what I'm talking about.  
Where all the fabrics are exactly the same color.
Where all the woods match exactly.
Where the paint is the perfect lighter variation of the sofa
and the pillows and the curtains and the rug match. 

And the room ends up looking like a furniture catalog.
And it has no depth.
And its flat.

the fern fronds above are green
they all look perfectly wonderful together
and yet there are so many different variations of green its hard to count them all.

The variation on green tones and values creates depth, texture and beauty

look how this leaf goes from blue green to yellow green
and look at the deeper tones of teal and navy and emerald

or how this bamboo forest pulls you in with its depth of
emerald and dark dark green to a fresh spring green

now picture these beautiful photos with only one color and tone of green
Pretty boring, huh?
Pretty flat.

Sometimes I get trapped in the 'matchy matchy' world....  Not by choice, but by client.  Clients can sometimes get a little obsessed with finding the EXACT matching color for everything.  If the sofa is blue, the drapes need to match, the rug needs to match, the chair needs to match.  If the end table is dark wood, all the rest of the wood in the room needs to match...... and so forth.

Look very closely next time you see a designers room in a magazine.  Try to find one thing that is perfectly matched.  Sometimes our beauty is in our imperfections.  Sometimes its more interesting if colors are not exact, but look lovely together....
Question from a reader:

Hi. I am so glad to have found your website--what great information and insight.
I was hoping I could get a quick answer to give me some quick reassurance on a paint color I am considering. I recently purchased a couch in the color slate. It looks like a very dark, dark, charcoal, but next to some colors, I do see a blue undertone, next to other colors, I don't see it. I was thinking of painting in BM Silver Marlin, which comes off blue, but really is a light gray green on the color chips. Do you think this is a good choice?

Thank you so much for finding the blog!   Happy it is helpful!
Benjamin Moore SILVER MARLIN

Regarding the Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin.  It can come off as a blue or a slightly green gray - the best way to know how it will show in your home and with your furniture, is to try a sample.  I don't think it needs to match your sofa perfectly - just look nice with it.  I would paint a couple of coats from a sample pot onto some foam core board so that you can move it to different parts of the room.   Observe it in different light, as well.  Morning light, and evening incandescent or halogen lighting.  Silver Martin - as you can see in the photo above, is a lovely soft color.   It will go with darker grays and deep warm browns very well, and will be freshened by white trim.  Its a perfectly lovely choice.


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