Apologies all around. 

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 Sometimes life's little challenges get together and decide to all come at once. 
I have been super busy these last few weeks with client work, a trip to see mom, a trip to Northern California, mold and late tile orders in a bathroom remodel and 4 weddings.  So when water began pouring out from the baseboards in my kitchen, I was already on overload.  I threw towels in the general direction of the lake forming on my floor and bent to turn the water off under the sink where I was sure the flood was originating. 
 It was bone dry. 
Around the corner in the hall the wood flooring was already buckling. 
I had just been through a couple of slab leaks with clients 
and here it was happening to me, 
and on a Friday - close enough to a weekend that no one was available 
until the following week.  
Floor ruined.  Drywall wet and soggy. Baseboards bulging.  No running water.  
Don't know the state of the cabinets yet....  
We have been like a comedy skit from an old silent movie - 
run outside with flashlight, turn on water, 
run back in to flush toilet, 
run back outside with flashlight to turn water off.... etc., etc.  
[Can't you picture that with Charlie Chaplin and silent movie organ music?]
Repairs start tomorrow - 
it will be good to have running water again...

So, back to the apologies.... 
I am slow answering your questions due to all the 'little' challenges of life... 
I will do my best to catch up.  
If your question hasn't been answered, keep your eyes peeled - 
answers will be coming fast and furious over the next few days.

Hello...I came across your site this morning and love your advice given...I have been living in this house for 6 years and can't seem to find a color I really love....I have seen your pictures with warm colors and thought I may give 2 a try...Dunn Edwards buckskin and golden gate...I don't have that company here in NY if California paint can make me a sample I will buy...the thing is...I want to pull colors from my area rug and so far everything seems so orange..

please take a look at this rug and if you can...I would appreciate your help....I have company coming from the UK for the holidays and I need help...thank you in advance...
Ms Nelson.

Hi Ms Nelson,
Thank you so much for stopping by.  I'm not seeing very much gold in the photo of your rug. Perhaps it is just the photo or my computer, but I do see some lovely beiges and some greens that would work as neutrals, especially if they are grayed down a bit.  I'm assuming the rest of the room plays off the colors of this rug as well?

If so, you may want to go a little cooler on the walls as the rug has a lot of warm tones on its own.  I don't know the size of the room, either, and some colors can make it feel smaller, some larger.  But I would definitely try one or two of these colors along with the Dunn Edwards/California Paints colors. And please do let me know if California Paints has the Golden Gate - its good information to know.
Benjamin Moore MORNING MIST
Benjamin Moore SHAKER BEIGE

Of the two Dunn Edwards/California Paint colors, Golden Gate would be the more neutral toned, not too orangey - in fact not orangey at all. 

Good luck!


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