Fabric first.... then paint...
Before the first layer of decorating is applied, before the floors and the ceilings, windows and walls, you have to know your palette.  You need to have your colors in mind.
Fabrics can often provide a color palette - and it is so much easier to find paint to go with fabric, than to try to find fabric that goes with your paint.

Hi. I always have trouble picking paint colors. I am asking for a paint color to go with the quilts etc Kashmir bedding set which is in taupes and dark browns and even a bit of black. Carpet is very neutral light color.  Here is the bedding that I was talking about. 

Our bedroom furniture is a light oak color but at some point I will purchase a darker set. Our trim around windows and doors etc is a natural oak also. Doors are white. 

Thanks, Gail

Hi Gail,
You are not alone in having difficulty choosing paint.  However, you did do the smart thing and find your bedding/fabrics first - it is so much easier to find a paint color to go with your fabrics than it is to find fabric to go with your paint.  I know I'm repeating myself.... 

You didn't indicate how dark or light you wanted to go on your walls, so I will assume it is a smaller room, as most bedrooms tend to be, and err on the light side.  

BABY FAWN (Benjamin Moore)
A soft taupe such as the Benjamin Moore hue above, will  make your bedding stand out
(similar to the photo below) 
 I like this soft, calming color, but lets explore a few other options
A color similar to your bedding will make everything blend together, more like the photo below



Going darker on the walls will have much the same effect, as your bedding has darker hues as well


VIRTUAL TAUPE (Sherwin Williams)

Alternatively, a soft light gray will lighten the room and accent your bedding
EDGECOMB GRAY (Benjamin Moore)
I hope that helps!

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