'Things' are comforting...

CBID Design

We acquire things in different ways -
some are gifts, some are mementos from travels, 
some are inherited, some shopping therapy - 
but acquire them we do.

Once acquired, disposing of them is difficult
even when they become outdated

or when they were never loved in the first place
(like that ceramic poodle that was a gift from Grandma...)
Tuvalu Home
Editing a room is an important part of decorating - and often the most difficult.
A designed home has just the perfect accessories to complement the room.

Cote de Texas
A real home has accessories that span over several decades, 
several color schemes, and several children.  
Shingle Style

There is often guilt attached to items - 

Cote de Texas
"my mother gave me that urn"....  "the kids would be disappointed if their gift from 10 years ago wasn't in the room".... "that was expensive, I just can't throw it away"... and so on...

It is okay to remove what you don't love
Layla Palmer
You should have nothing in your home that is not loved, beautiful or useful.

Some of you need permission to let things go.

So .....

Cote de Texas

You have my permission to put your hand-me-downs and children's treasures in a keepsake box
and store it for those times you want to take them out and enjoy the memories they evoke

Cote de Texas
You have my permission to donate any item you don't love or that does not add to the beauty of your home, so that someone else can enjoy its 'unique' charm
Trisha Troutz

You have my permission to throw away broken, chipped, ugly, dated, or tired items
Without feeling guilty
Katie XOXO
They have served their purpose
Move on

House Beautiful
You have my permission to remove the clutter from your life
Put away the items that you want to keep for sentimental reasons..
the treasures..
Martha Stewart
you do NOT have to display them

House and Home
There, doesn't that feel better?
Like a weight has lifted....

and your home will feel lighter, too

Interior Design 5
Now edit your room by removing all the accessories
and putting back only those that add to the decor

only those that enhance the room and make it beautiful
only those that make your heart sing...

Interior Design 5
Accessories are the jewelry of the room
and we all know what too much jewelry looks like

With accessories - Less is More
Bigger is Better
(unless it is a collection - and then grouping that collection together has greater impact)

Accessories should enhance a room's design
not distract from it
The Paisley Suit
They make a room feel complete -
and far more beautiful and interesting

Suzanne Kasler

You have my permission to edit.

Pottery Barn

You're Welcome!


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