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What pulls a room together?  
When you have flooring, wall color, furniture, draperies, wood tones and surfaces that have changed over time; what is the unifying factor that creates harmony?  
Or is it just more than one thing?
Martha Stewart
There are pictures of beautiful rooms in magazines and online with a mix of styles and wood tones.  With combinations of pattern and texture, antiques mixed with contemporary, plain with fancy, rustic with polished.  
What unites them?
Martha Stewart

Color is the answer.  
It is the biggest factor in creating harmony.  
It is also the least expensive change you can make.  
In the first photograph above, you see a room with a rustic coffee table, a fine antique chest, plain window coverings, contemporary artwork and a mix of furnishings - unified by the color Cream.  
Cream walls, fabrics and floor coverings bring balance to this room.   

When readers contact me for help with color, 
oftentimes they believe they need to come up with a separate color for each room, each piece of furniture, and each fabric used.  
When I create a color palette for a client, 
I will often use just 2-3 colors for the entire house.  
The colors of the accessories and furnishings may vary from room to room, 
but the wall color unifies the home. 
If you are looking for a color change, consider having less 'change' and more unifying color to pull your room together.
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I am looking for advice for my kitchen and living room (open concept). I want to change the paint colour and the white tile. I am purchasing some new furniture and explained to the sales person that I am thinking to paint the kitchen Edgecomb Grey (Benjamin Moore) and Revere Pewter in the living room 
(also Benjamin Moore). 

I am scared my new furniture (not purchased yet) will not mesh with what I currently have going in my kitchen or living room. I am hoping a good paint job will help solve some of the problems…or will it? My maple cabinets and black counters and warm brown vinyl floors…I am not even sure if the paint is enough to fix what is going on….I'm not even sure how to explain what is going, but something is off. Thank you for your help.

New Furniture: (The sofa would be a lighter colour and the wingback leather chair will be in a medium grey).

Paint will go a long way in changing the way things look and feel in a home, as I discussed above.  I love your color choices for the walls (I might suggest just one color instead of the two - am I right in assuming they are adjacent rooms?) and the new furniture tones will help unify your design as well.  

There are just a few things I will suggest to bring it all together a little better for you.   I'm missing your personality in these photographs and I would love to see a little more of you in these spaces.   

In the kitchen, the gap above the kitchen cabinets would look more finished with some nice fat crown molding.  

I'm picturing a couple of upholstered stools in the gray tones at the island 
Noho Stool

and some basket storage on the counter top near the stove for the bottles will corral their necessary clutter.  


There is a little bit of an awkward spot where the cabinets end suddenly and the backsplash carries on a bit.  A few wall baskets or some shelves there would warm the space up and make it look less sudden.

Blissfully Domestic

In addition, the lighting looks a little busy - a lot going on there.  I would opt for some can lighting there instead of the fixtures currently in the space.

In the  living room, the area rug you selected will add a layer of color/texture and define the space.  

I would remove the tall twig thing in the corner,  as it is the wrong scale and I would purchase a large table lamp for the table there with a nice big drum shade.  

Pottery Barn

The wall behind the sofa is too large for the small framed art on the wall.  A grouping of art of photos, or a much larger piece will be much better.  It is also too high.  Art over a sofa should be lower, to read as one piece with the sofa - so the bottom should be around 8-10 inches above the sofa and not quite as wide.

Driven by Decor

I can't see the rest of the room, but  if you don't already have them, I would add curtains to the windows to soften the room and pillows to the sofa in your accent colors.  

Add some accessories on your entertainment center shelves (books and objects with your accent color) and some colorful accents for your kitchen (a bowl of colorful fruit for example) and everything will start to look more pulled together and welcoming.   

Good luck!


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