and what to hang on them

First of all, I have to say its okay to have some space on a wall.
Even okay to have a blank wall or two
But for those walls that need something
try something a little different

like a collection of mirrors

or pump up the impact of an art piece by surrounding it by an even larger frame

try hanging a collection of pictures together
to read as one big piece of art for greater impact

let your gallery expand to an adjacent wall

use objects not normally used as wall art


Hello! I love the info on your blog. 
I have a decorating question myself that I'd appreciate your assistance with. 

I purchased a box of these white Umbra flowers for the wall of my powder room. Do
you think this design makes the wall look incomplete?  Should I purchase another 
box (25 pieces) to add to the design? And if so, what configuration/design would 
look best ? I appreciate your time and advice. Look forward to hearing from you! 
Thanks in advance!

It does seem to need a little something else, and I'm not sure more of the same thing will solve the problem.   The wall may be a little too large for the collection and adding more may look a little busy/cluttered.  But, here are a few ideas for other arrangements:

Using a wooden word like "Dream" or "Imagine" along with the blossoms

Create a trio of canvas tiles covered in blossoms

Spread out as if in flight over a larger space

Accent artwork

surround a vinyl press on phrase

Accenting a stencil

Basically, I think adding another element to your wall 
and using the blossoms to accent will be more satisfying.


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