It is hard to choose the perfect yellow
One that isn't too juvenile bright, or too pale and washed out
Get the wrong hue and it can turn on you
Take on a nasty green or orange cast
But when you find the right yellow - its magic

The same is true of golds
they can turn brassy or muddy
but the right one is soft and beautiful
and neutral

If you crave warmth
I have a few to recommend

Dunn Edwards/California Paints - Golden Gate.
    A neutral, warm, medium toned gold that goes with so many colors.

CBID Design
CBID Design

Restoration Hardware - Buttercream

Sherwin Williams, Kilim Beige

Sherwin Williams - Whole Wheat

Benjamin Moore - Hawthorne Yellow

 Benjamin Moore - Vellum
Benjamin Moore - Wyndham Cream
Benjamin Moore - Monterey Tan

Important things to remember with yellows/golds
Stay away from yellow woods - go for a greater contrast in the darker woods.  
They look especially great with golds and yellows.

Make sure you add white to keep it fresh and clean
and also to keep if from becoming overly warm.

choose a creamy, buttery color for livability
Intense color tends to look juvenile
Always, always try a sample of your color first - yellows can turn sickly green,
or brassy orange in different light.

I cannot decide on 2 gorgeous colors to paint the great room which consists of the family room, kitchen and dinette area making up one room. One color is a pretty deep colored gold with yellow undertones, and the other color is a pretty deep colored gold with brown undertones. I bought 2 sample quarts and painted 2 large posters with these colors and still can't decide. (I've made mistakes in the past). 

The room is a full sun room with honey colored wood floors and red/brown brick colored cornices and pillows with a deep caramel colored sofa, a highly colored oriental rug having deep earthy tones, a reddish leather chair and ottoman, black kitchen granite, and lighter type honey maple wood cabinets. I've made mistakes in previous years with this room by using a darker tan which looked like green pea soup on the walls! Awful! Had to repaint and currently have a light tan that turned a light type yellow on the walls. It was never my favorite because it is too wimpy a yellow. I need something more bold, but don't know if a yellow-ish gold or a brown-ish gold is the way to go. Would appreciate your advice. 

You are looking for a warm color, in an already warm palette, in a room filled with sun.  I would advise to go completely different - a complementery color that will make those reds and warm earthy tones pop a little.  Consider that your wall color should be a background to your furnishings and beautiful fabrics and accessories, and not jump out and take center stage.    That being said, I do have a favorite neutral go to gold I use often.  It is gorgeous on the walls and should look beautiful with your woods and furnishings.  I love Dunn Edwards GOLDEN GATE. (see photo above)  When you look at the swatch it is kind of 'ehhhh'. But on the walls it is beautiful.  I have more people ask me 'what is that color?' than almost any other.

If you think about it and want to try a sample or two of a complementery palette, look at something with a gray undertone to play up the reds and caramels and golds in your home.  

Try  Gray Owl from Benjamin Moore
with a slight green undertone

          or  Benjamin Moore, Lattice.


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