Paint - there is a reason the first 4 letters spell P A I N!  
You think you have the perfect shade, and it turns sour when you put it on your wall.
Or, it becomes cave-like.
Or it washes out and disappears.

then there are the times an unexpected undertone shows up
and completely throws off your decorating scheme...

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Now, lets talk paint color!

Hello!  I came across your blog on Pinterest and I love it!  You are so very talented!

I am hoping you can help me.  I have painted my kitchen twice in the last 2 weeks and the color is still not what I was hoping for.  I am attaching a few photos.  We have a wall of windows in the kitchen so it gets a lot of light - which might be why the colors seem so washed out.  Also, the terra cotta floors aren't helping much!

I would love any help you could give me with paint colors.  
Thank you, 
Dena Mesler

Hi Dena,
And thank you!  I'm so happy you are enjoying the blog!
I think this is as simple as you are choosing colors a little too light for the amount of light you get in this room
The lighter wall color washes out and allows the floor, which is darker and has more warmth to it,
to take center stage.
Here are a few suggestions for a more medium toned wall color:

Benjamin Moore CHELSEA GRAY
Sherwin Williams PAVERSTONE

Benjamin Moore TUNDRA

Benjamin Moore STORM
This next one is more saturated and a little darker, but your space may be able to handle it just fine.
Whatever shade you choose, bring in plenty of white to keep it fresh.

And never, never put color on the wall without putting some samples up first to see how it reacts to your light and space.  Good luck!


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