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It's perfect for you - (you know who I'm talking about!)
You like to do things yourself, but might just need a little help with the overall design...  
or... You need a lot of help but don't have the budget to hire a decorator...  
or... You want help with just one or two rooms... 
or.... You want to go at your own pace, a little at a time... 
or....You just need help picking out wall color...  

These two inquiries gave me the opportunity to explain the process a little.   

Hi there, 

I am looking at your lovely blog and would like more info on how you provide color consults from a distance.  Can you do this just from a picture or two of the space?

Yes.  Pictures are very important.  I get a feel of your style, your space and what other furniture or colors I'm working with.

I currently have white cabinets, Harkey white spring granite on the perimeter countertops and honed black granite on the center island. The hardware is brushed nickel and appliances are stainless steel.  The tile backsplash now is a pale grey/beige (almost a putty color) but may be changed so this is open.  The floors are hardwood color called butterscotch but I see some red in the floors too.  

This is very helpful.  It's important I know exactly what you want to achieve and what you do and don't like about your room, now.

I am having a heck of a time figuring out a wall color I will love in this room. I think this is due to the fact that I can't seem to determine the undertones of my cabinets ...... are they  warm or cool???.  If it helps too, my trim and ceiling is Sherwin Williams  super white.

Its very helpful if you actually know the name and brand of the paint that is in the room, but not essential.  Remember that there are so many factors effecting wall color, the proof is always seeing it on your own walls in your own light.  

I love the description of your space, too.  Every detail you can give me helps me 'see' your space better.

Does this sound like something you could help with? If so, what would the be the fee?

Yes, definitely.  A single room color consult is $99.  It includes 2-3 color suggestions for you to try, photos and the reasons I'm suggesting the colors.  I create a little post just for you on my private client blog so you can 'see' my suggestions.  I don't expect you to accept on blind faith - try the colors and if you are not sold on them - or they don't work in your space - we keep trying until you have the color you love.  You can email me as often as you want, ask as many questions as you want... no limit and no extra charge.  Let me know if there is a brand of paint you prefer over another.  I'm happy to work with any brand to help you.

Thank you,


You're welcome!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Claudine

I would love your help with a few of my rooms and would like to understand how your pricing works for extra help. 

Its pretty simple.  Its $250 for a full design, including wall color consultation, per room. 

I have attached a picture of my current dining room and living room. I can include more pics of the other walls if you need. 

I appreciate any photos that help me 'see' your room, including the furniture that will remain in the room and the colors of the permanent surfaces (floors, etc.)

There is a doorway and a tall leaner mirror on the left of the pic in the dining room. Initially I was planning to paint the ceiling a bronze color in the dining room to warm up the room but I'm not sure it will do the trick. I have entertained painting the walls benjamin Moore French press but I need help!

I love descriptions of the room, the items in it, and your thoughts and feelings about the room.  It helps me get to know you, as well as your room.

I need help with my enormous master bedroom and the living room pictured I would love for you to help me make these rooms compliment one another.

Clear statement of your goals - awesome!

I also included 2 pictures of rooms that I like the looks

Perfect, Michelle!  Takes away some of the guess work when you can show me the style you like!

Thank you soo much

You're welcome.  As I stated above, I will do a private post for you with photos, examples, descriptions, sources if applicable, etc.  You have complete access to me via email, phone, etc.  I don't put a limit on time or number of questions - I want you to love your home. 



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