We all have remnants of the past to haunt us.  Especially if we buy a previously owned home.  So, when we want to update our decor a little, how do we make it all play nicely together?  And what if we have more than one more permanent surface to consider?

About this time, your head starts spinning because you can't for the life of you match the wood to the tile to the wall color and you don't think it will ever come together.

When nothing about your current decor is consistent, 
how do you make it feel like it is?

1.  Paint.   The easiest way to create a cohesive design when things are anything but cohesive,  is to paint all the visible rooms the same  color.  Make it something that is neutral, not too dark, and grayed down.  The soothing, neutral tone will be something that flows from room to room and goes with all the mismatched surfaces - pulling it together.

2.  Rugs.  If your flooring stops and starts too often, it does the same to your eye, and makes your design feel disjointed.  Use large area rugs in open areas, the same type and color in rooms that are visible to each other.  Carpet can be bound into large rugs (generally at up to 12 feet wide and as long as you like) and can bring neutralizing sanity to schizophrenic flooring.

3.  Color flow.  Use the same color fabrics, the same color accessories and accents, and the same textural accents throughout your rooms, especially those visible to each other.  This creates flow, and makes sense of your color scheme.  If you are using blue and green accents, make sure those same colors are sprinkled throughout the rooms in fabrics and accessories.

So, I love Atlanta Homes Magazine.   I'm not Southern by any stretch of the imagination, but I find more to love in the pages of that magazine, (online, too) than any other publication.  I simply love Southern style decorating.  Its traditional (without being stuffy), classic, timeless, easy to mix with contemporary here and there.  Designer, Katherine Elsey's home was featured in a past edition and is the perfect example of taking your color palette into every room to create flow.  Look how beautifully she did it.
This fabric screen is a good example of her palette.  
Softest of grays, blues, greens and cream
mixed with warm woods.
family room

master bedroom

formal living room


formal living room

kitchen eating area


I love how you can clearly see that all of these rooms are in the same house.
Good words.

If you keep those three things in mind, your home will have a more cohesive look until you can replace the mismatched flooring, carpet, tile you are currently living with!


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