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I recently joined the ranks of they who love Paris.  It was inevitable, really.  Everyone loves Paris.  I liked the people, too.  I like that they look you in the eye as you pass them on the street.  (Londoners are discreetly aloof.)  I like the wide boulevards and the Housmanian architecture, the elaborate monuments and expansive museums.  I love the mix of old and new.  It is beautiful, and fun - even in a wheelchair, in the freezing cold

and snow.  Yes, snow.  I injured my knee while on vacation, and while Paris is beautiful, romantic and amazing - I was glad to hobble home after traveling the obstacle course of ancient streets and sidewalks in a wheelchair, and finally with a cane.  I don't know how the disabled manage in Paris, or in London for that matter, although they are working on making the tube and attractions more accessible).  Some of the sights are on my wish list for another day.   Always happy for an excuse to go back.

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Stumbled across your website in my desperate search for a paint color to make me love my house - I'm obsessed with all things gray right now, but just can't seem to find the right one. Looking for a neutral that would go throughout an open concept home, once I have the base I'm confident the accents will come to me; my biggest problem is the natural maple wood work throughout (stair rails and kitchen cabinets). I don't want them to pop as "yellow"...Any suggestions?? Thanks! 

Maple can be pale blond to slightly orange.

I'm hoping yours is the former, but either way, gray is a good color to pair it with.  Stay away from the blue or purple undertoned grays.  They will enhance the 'yellow' of the maple wood.  Instead, go for a straight gray, or a warmer gray/greige. 

Similar to REVERE PEWTER, Benjamin Moore
Dark grays look amazing with Maple.  You  might consider an accent wall to bring in some contrast, as I wouldn't recommend a dark gray for the overall color in your open concept home.  I would stay at the light range to keep your home from feeling like a cave.  Try Revere Pewter or Bennington Gray from Benjamin Moore, with possible accents of Kendall Charcoal or Chelsea Gray.
Similar to KENDALL CHARCOAL and CHELSEA GRAY, Benjamin Moore

Similar to BENNINGTON GRAY, Benjamin Moore
Remember to try samples (2 coats) on your walls first.  To avoid a patchy look from applying too many samples, paint on foam core or poster board.

Good luck!


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