I've been researching some lighting for a kitchen remodel and have found some lovely, 
'non-boring', 'non-ordinary' fixtures.
You know how I hate using the same old tired stuff you see everywhere - 
and how I love finding something wonderful - like these terrific square lanterns [above]
 that are somehow substantial and light [non-heavy feeling] at the same time.
Here are some kitchen fixtures with details that have caught my eye....

 I love the old industrial look of these lighting fixtures

I'm leaning towards the polished chrome or stainless
adds a little 'bling', don't you think?

They look especially nice with stainless appliances.

 I also liked the look of these hobnail glass pendants
These small glass shade pendants are adorable..
[I wonder if they require a special decorative bulb though...]

I have a long standing love affair with mercury glass
So I like this 11.5 inch wide mercury glass pendant from Pottery Barn
I can picture this in multiples over an island, or singly over a sink...

or this one from Lamps Plus...


I like the clean lines of this contemporary clear glass fixture [above]
and wouldn't this Restoration Hardware fixture look great over a kitchen island x 2 or 3?

and another one from Pottery Barn, this one with a square shade

A drum shade has a nice soft contemporary vibe


These opaque glass shades shine a little brighter with the addition of some bling.  

I like the classic drum shade shape, just not sure about fabric shades in the kitchen....

maybe it would be okay away from the cooking areas?

 So many things to love about this kitchen by Tommy Smythe. 
 Especially the oversized antique lantern fixture.

I think the lantern style fixture is my personal favorite...
and if they are antique - all the better
these antique fixtures made me drool a little - so amazing.

this lantern from Pottery Barn, while not an antique, still has presence and is actually fairly substantial in size
while the ones from Ballard Designs below come in two convenient sizes

there is a lantern out there just waiting for you to fall in love with it....

Kitchens should have adequate ambient light, task lighting and decorative lighting
but, should not be lit up like a runway...
[Can lights are great, if you don't over do]

Ambient light - lights the whole room (overhead lighting)
Task lighting - lights specific areas for specific tasks (like under cabinet,
and over sink or island pendant lighting)
Decorative lighting - just for mood and beauty

Don't forget to add a little beauty as well -
kitchens can be pretty stark places without a few beautiful touches


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