I love my job.  I love meeting all of you, as well.  When I can combine the two, I'm a happy camper.  So long distance decorating just makes sense for me.  If I can help with one little question on my blog, I can help with a lot more via long distance decorating.   I can guide the do-it-yourself client, or provide a plan for help with contractors.  With the help of face-time and skype I can actually walk through the room and get a feel for your space.  I've been working with some really great people.  Would you like to meet them? 

dear claudine,
i stumbled across your blog as i was researching paint colors on-line.  your color choices, descriptions and how to use them caught my eye as very likeable.  i love my house!  but, i admit i can be overwhelmed and indecisive when it comes to room design and paint choices.  this kind of help would be great.  what is the cost of your service?  i look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for asking Alice.  I really enjoy working with my long-distance clients - I tend to put in way more time than I charge for - but since I'm enjoying it I guess I don't mind. My fee allows you to ask unlimited questions regarding the room or area you pay for. I am available to you via instant message, email or phone. I've used facetime and skype to see my long distance client's spaces to view progress and see what they see. Isn't technology wonderful? I usually create a personalized blog post on a site I reserve for clients, so I can use photos and illustrations to help you visualize. Here are some examples:

Stephanie - remodel in Dallas and Dallas Update

Ciera - first home in Houston

Making house a home in South Dakota

EClients need to help me visualize the space by providing me with clear photos and ideas regarding their personal style and preferences. I will want to see photos of progress and finished work and be allowed to use it in a blog in the future. There are two kinds of design services. 1) Color consultation - $50 per room. 2) Room design - $250 per room. #1 option - simple help choosing wall color based on photos from you, with 2-3 choices for you to try out and unlimited help during the process of choosing. #2 option - I'll help you design or re-design a room - color, furniture placement, fabrics, furnishings, accessories, etc. to give you a new and beautiful look. I can also provide shopping resources, and answer any questions that come up. You can go as quickly or as slowly as you need.  You can do it yourself or hire a contractor - how and when you do it is completely up to you.

I may have left out information, so please ask me anything I may have omitted.


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