In honor of my sister's recent successful completion of her breast cancer surgery,
chemotherapy and radiation...[the second of my sisters to undergo this ordeal...]
 and for breast cancer survivors everywhere

today is PINK day!

I don't know why we sometimes shy away from using pink in decorating. 
Perhaps its the men in our lives.

Pink is a girl thing for sure, but more than that, it is a color used to calm and soothe and one I think women should be embracing more in home decorating.

because its seriously beautiful...

   In my sister's case, it stands for courage, strength and victory.

 Whether you choose to accent a room with pink
or immerse yourself in it

it will always be flattering

it plays nicely with many other colors

and while it is thoroughly feminine

it can also be exotic

or traditional

it can shout

or whisper

 and even in small doses it refuses to be ignored

In large doses it is vibrant and joyous

and strong even when it is small
like my sister

Embrace pink

and go get yourself a mammogram

my sister had never had one
but the one she did have
 was just in the nick of time...

Save the TaTas!


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