Living with the same color palette for 10 years is difficult for me.  I know that not everyone feels this way.  My husband, for example, does not require change. 
In fact, he thrives on the familiar. 
Shale/Benjamin Moore
His color preferences are the same today as when I met him 33 years ago.  His favorite color is still
RED.  He doesn't mind watching reruns on t.v. or living with the same outdated chandelier.  I suppose it could be that I am more exposed to the choices out there, and my tastes change accordingly.

I justify making changes by the need to be on top of the trends - but I may, in all honesty, be just a little bit bohemian.  A little flighty.  Distracted by bright new objects. 
Too open to change - in fact, craving it a little.

Or maybe I'm just getting old. 

 Lately the change I crave is a return to neutrals.  Soothing and calm are descriptions I think I need in my home.  Add classic to that and you have a winner.  Timeless, soothing, calm, neutral. 
My husband thinks that sounds a little boring. 
To me it sounds like heaven.

Cote de Texas
Heaven could very well be a shade of gray....

At any rate, I've lived with rich colors and warm woods for long enough.  A change is in order.  Life has been a little busy lately... And while I'm at it, I'm moving a few walls.  In the construction zone that will soon be my home, I plan to introduce less pattern, less color, less clutter
and a lot more calm.... 
Who said things slow down as you get older? 
 Boy, were they ever wrong! 
I received this question, complete with photos, from a reader who also wants to make some changes:

Hi Claudine,
I have just now discovered your Blog on Pinterest. I love it. I am amazed at your willingness to share your expert advice to so many.
I have several issues I would like your help with. I have given you photos from a lot of different points in the living area.
 As you can see, my living area is open to the dining area and kitchen. I would love to change the color of the walls in all three rooms.
 I have a different color in the kitchen/dining area, living area, foyer and then of course the red that separates the rooms.
I would love one color that could flow through all rooms , although I am not sure that is possible.
I like warm, earth tone colors. I have considered some tone of green with the green in the rug.
I normally would not choose green but frankly don't know what other color I would go with. I would love your suggestions.

 Also, I would love your idea for another window treatment. Any other room suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you for being so efficient in giving me a clear picture of your living space.  The photos really help.   You like warm earthtone colors, and your furnishings and accessories reflect that in the art, tile, and fabrics you have chosen.  I think you have some lovely pieces, but I think that you already have plenty of warm color in your fabrics, art and furnishings. 

Bennington Gray/Benjamin Moore

For your walls I would choose a color that will sit back and let your furnishings and accessories take center stage.  A good choice would be a neutral with a cooler temperature.  Too many color choices can also chop up your space, so I would also recommend painting the entire space one color to create a larger, more unified look and a good flow to your rooms.  Here are a few colors I would suggest to pull the look together and let your furniture and accessories stand out.  

 Horizon Gray/Benjamin Moore
Grant Beige/Benjamin Moore

Revere Pewter/Benjamin Moore
Senora Gray/Benjamin Moore
Always test your paint colors on your walls before deciding on a color.  There are dozens of factors that influence color in your home, so its always best to test it first.

As for a window treatments, I personally don't care for fussy details on curtains and so I like the simple panels you have, but I do think that the color could be changed to something that contrasts less with the wall color. 
Lower contrast window treatments keep your focal point on your furnishings
and your room instead of drawing attention to the curtains.  They are meant to be another layer in your room design, not necessarily a focal point. 
They are still there, beautiful in the background, they just aren't pushy about it - they don't steal the limelight. 
I do like a little trim on curtain panels, and I like them to puddle just a little.  Puddling gives a little feeling of luxury -
while curtains that barely touch the ground, or are short of it, tend to look like you couldn't afford custom draperies, or even the right size draperies. 
My attitude is that I may not be able to afford luxurious custom drapes, but it doesn't have to look that way.  So a little puddle and some lining fabric goes a long way in my book.
Good luck with your rooms.  We love to see photos of the finished product!


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