I love my job.
I get to meet fabulous people and help them make their homes beautiful. 
And then I get to answer color and design questions on this blog.
Sometimes the questions are blunt and to the point.  Sometime, the question allows a delightful peek
into the personality of the person - like this one from the Rebel Judge who I am certain could be my very good friend.... I loved the energy and obvious love of home..

Good Sunday Afternoon Claudine,
I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog recently while searching for information on paint colors.  I don't have many bookmarks... but your blog is the top of my short list now!

You see.... I am a recently returned veteran of US Embassy spousehood... which means, quite simply, that for the last 14 years of my life - the maintenance men at various embassies choose whatever shade of not quite white or not quite beige was on sale at the local paint supply store to paint the house/condo that my family and I would call home for a few years... or 5 or 6.
Colonial Style
Now I am back in the US, proud owner of a 14 year old Colonial in Madison, Alabama - which I just LOVE!   I inherited lots and lots of (too) BRIGHT sunny yellow and blah yellowy beige that I am slowly covering up....  I have become a staple at the local Benjamin Moore store.

My kitchen (and stair case off kitchen and bonus room at the top of  that stair case)  is now Bennington Gray (BM) with Navajo Beige (BM) with Antique Glazing Cabinets  ... except for the island which is distressed black... don't remember what BM color the cabinet guy used for that....  

Almost locked in on the new countertops - Juperana Persia for the "L" shaped cabinets and a solid Mahogany countertop on the island so that it will appear to be a piece of furniture. Looking  at some nice blanket shaped rectangle natural stone tiles for backsplash.

My dining room (which I inherited) is a really deep dark red... it looks fine with my teak wood and Chinese Antiques, so I will leave it for the moment.

My 16 year old son's bedroom is now a crisp gray.  He told me when we were shopping one day in Abercrombie - that he liked the grey with white molding... so his room is now Behr Ashes with Heavy Bright White Crown Molding and Trim... he loves it.

Behr Paint/ Ashes
My 9 year old daughter's room (who requested purple, gray, and Star Wars????)  now has a room that is painted Valspar Opera Glasses with a  Girls Night Out also by Valspar ceiling.
Valspar - Opera Glasses
I am picking out colors for my 8 year old daughter's room now - picked  really bright fabric to cover the upholstered valances and make throw pillows to go with white bedding.  She likes bright green and so I am thinking Valspar Waverly Inch Worm with an accent wall where her beds will go painted in Valspar Waverly Stone Brown. Her furniture is dark stained teak wood.

Master Bedroom - I am loving the photo you have on your blog with the Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware.... and I also like Sandy Hook Grey.  I have a pretty ornate oriental rug with denim blues and teal blues and beiges and pops of navy and almost a wine color ... so I am 
looking for a more subtle paint color for the room.

My 20 and 19 year old children - well, since they are away at college, their rooms will remain boring golden beige until I finish the rest of the house. ; )

Now that I have introduced myself (or my colors) ; ) I will ask the following question...

What do you think about painting the inside of built in cabinetry that  is boring bright white... but needs to stay that way because of so much heavy crown molding in the living room and surrounding rooms/hallways as well.    I want to make the book cases a focal point...  but they just tend to blend into the light colored wall now (that I will eventually paint... but am not ready to commit to a color for the majority of the house yet... foyer, hall, living room, stairway, dining room, study.....    I have really cool items to place on the shelving after traveling the world... but all tends to look so blah against the plain white back drop.  Your thoughts?

So all my nonsense for a simple question.  ; )  Thanks so much.
Rebel Judge

Dear Rebel Judge,
Your question was so entertaining and you painted the picture so well with your words that I feel like I took a small tour through your home.   I like the choices you have made thus far and that you are not afraid to try color.  Getting to your question... I love painting the inside of built in cabinetry - it makes the contents stand out and helps you display beautiful items.  Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing. 

Better Homes and Gardens

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Emily A Clark


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emily a clark
Hope that helps!


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