My talented friend Kristy just finished another book.  She writes amazing mysteries and is currently trying to decide on a cover for her latest - this image (above) is my favorite, but she would like your opinion as well - visit her web page and let her know which cover you prefer.  http://www.kristystories.blogspot.com/2012/08/fighting-over-covers.html
I can't wait to read it!

I find images to be incredible tools in my line of work and I use a lot of them in my blog posts.  A picture of a room will illustrate a point 1,000 times faster than words alone.  If I were as talented as Kristy Tate, I would be able to paint a picture with my words and not have to rely so heavily on photos to send a design or color message.    So consider my handicap as you wade through my photo heavy posts and remember, I'm doing it for you!  Really.  I don't have an image addiction.  I can quit whenever I want.  Honest.....

I am looking for a wall color for my living and dining room . The sofa is brown and light gold with leopard print pillows and the dining room is dark brown rustic feel.  What color would look good ? I
also have red curtains.

Your color palette of browns, reds and golds is nice and warm.  The leopard adds a touch of exotic in the mix. You have a lot of options.  Since I don't know your particular style, here are a few directions to consider:

Cool blues and greens:
My Sweet Savannah

a cooler background against the existing warmer palette of golds, browns, tans and red will allow your furniture and accessories to shine instead of compete.  Cool colors retreat, leaving your warm fabrics and accessories in the forefront.

10 Rooms

Knotting Hill Interiors


   A neutral gray will make your wood tones in your dining room look their best, and allow warm tones to stand out.

Sara Gilbane Interiors

If you love bright color - spice it up with a bold focal wall in red or gold. 

My Home Ideas
Color timid?  A neutral cream works as well.  Whatever color you decide to use, purchase some tester pots and try them first in the room you are planning to paint.  Never buy paint without trying it first.

Eclectic Revisited

Dogs optional.

I just found your blog and I love it! Could you recommend an overall paint color for my open concept great room/dining room/kitchen? My kitchen has creamy white cabinets, Golden Leaf granite, travertine tumbled stone backsplash, and oil-rubbed bronze hardware. It's painted BM Georgian Green, but the paint expert at my local BM store recommended I paint the entire space in BM Bennington Gray. I'm afraid this would be too dark. Any suggestions? My passion is gardening and I love a classic look. Thanks!

Bennington Gray is a little deeper than the Georgian Green, but not by much.  The color you choose could depend on the tones in the travertine.  Some travertine has a gold cast to it and in that case a color other than Bennington Gray may be better.   If you want to go lighter, a good gray would be Stonington Gray or Grant Beige (above). 
Revere Pewter - Benjamin Moore
Revere Pewter is lighter and lovely - probably one of my most recommended colors.  It is not too dark, and it has a warm undertone.  If you like a greener tone, try Camouflage (BM).   Try them as samples first - every home is different! 
Benjamin Moore - Camouflage

Great pictures and love the different shades and hues of grey. We are planning to paint our basement which is currently blood red. We were thinking of a silvery grey shade. Would love to hear your suggestions. Worried that it might feel too cold. 

Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore
Favorite Paint Colors
As I mentioned above Revere Pewter is a warm gray.  Sherwin Williams also has a lovely color that is actually called Warm Gray.  Both have warm beige undertones. 
Sherwin Williams - Warm Gray

A silvery grey would feel cooler and lighter - but remember it is just your background color - you can spice it up with reds, oranges, yellows or golds if you want it to feel warmer.    I haven't personally used Silver Fox, but in the photos I've seen, it has never looked cold.

Columbia County Current
Benjamin Moore - Silver Fox

Warm doesn't have to come from your wall color - in fact a cooler wall color will make those warm colors really pop.  Just don't choose too strong a gray for your walls - so as not to overwhelm your room - since it is also a basement. 

Apartment Therapy
Benjamin Moore - Silver Fox


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