I don't want to seem like a broken record because I recommend gray so often.  It may seem I am stuck on one color, but I'm actually not.   Gray is so versatile - nearly every color has a gray version.
 It plays well with other colors - in fact it would be difficult to find a color that doesn't look beautiful with a shade of gray.  It is a perfect neutral - and it doesn't get stuck in any one style of decorating.  Gray looks equally beautiful in contemporary decor as it does traditional.  As charming in an eclectic setting as a coastal cottage.  As amazing in a period mansion as an urban loft.  It can be soothing and calm or strong and dramatic - softly feminine or deep and masculine.  From your questions and comments its easy to see I'm not alone in my love affair.  You share it.
Atlanta Homes Mag
After reading this post one reader asked about the wall color in this room.  It's one of my favorite
photos - I love the wall color, and I love the combination of the ivory and gold/tan with it.   It took a little research, but I was able to discover the color to be Sherwin Williams Warm Gray.  (I even like the name of the color.)
Sherwin Williams, Warm Gray.  Paired with the tan, it's unforgettable.

I just found this blog, it is beautiful with great suggestions. I live in an apt and I'm painting the kitchen cabinets, putting a vinyl tile backsplash, not too white walls and silver hardware. The cabinets are a light gray, what colors should I use for backsplash and decor. Also, the hardware I put on is silver but it does'nt seem look very good. Should I put maybe black ones? I have no idea how to decorate! I got the idea for gray cabinets from your blog! I was putting some type of yellow/beige, you said in one of your blogs that it makes small room seem smaller, something like that. I looked at it and it sure did so thank you:) One more thing, there are no windows and its very small. Has cabinets on both sides of kitchen which is 7' length and 7.5' width. Any suggestions you have would be deeply appreciated. I'm so glad I found your blog!!!

Hi Cheryl.  I'm excited to help you.  It sounds like you have a little galley kitchen, and I'm so happy you like your cabinets painted gray.  You need that illusion of 'receding' walls - (cool colors recede and warm colors advance) in your smaller space. 

 As for what colors you should use in your kitchen - think about the colors you are using in the rest of your home, or the colors you love to have about you.  Right now you have a blank, perfectly neutral palette - one that will go with many colors.  Do you like blues, reds, or greens?  Here are a few photos to get you started - and a quick trip to a home goods or housewares stores kitchen department will give you a good idea of colors that are popular and available for accessories right now.
Better Homes and Gardens
You mention that your cabinet hardware doesn't look very good.  Silver is a good choice with gray painted cabinets, but there may not be enough contrast for you.

Reloved Rubbish
You can go with an oil rubbed bronze or black (above), but I just looks flat to me, and your room with no windows could really use the reflective quality of a bright silver finish.
Fancy Goods
Designed to the Nines
   If you chose satin nickel knobs and you are not happy with them, you might try shiny chrome knobs to bring in a little reflection and higher contrast.  Along that line, you might try using mirrors as a backsplash in your space.  It brings in more light and reflection, is inexpensive (12" adhesive tiles from your home improvement store) and can help your small space seem more expansive.  I'm thinking that vinyl tiles won't give you that extra light in the room or the contrast you need.
If you look beyond the clutter, you can see the mirrored backsplashes in this photo from HGTV.  
House Beautiful
Another mirrored backsplash - great for making a small kitchen feel bigger.
  I actually haven't seen vinyl tile used on a backsplash - 
although I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work. 
I don't know the color of your countertops or floor, but I'm assuming they are neutral as well.  If you have any wall space, artwork is a great way to bring in color and interest in a neutral space. 
Design Sponge
You can also bring color into your kitchen with accessories

Hand towels, ceramics, flowers or fruit are great ways to add pops of color.
A bright rug on the floor can add color to a neutral room
Design Manifest
And don't forget to add texture.  All those hard shiny surfaces could use a little warming up with some woods or baskets in a warm tone.
Emily A. Clark
Red Kitchen Accessories

 Hope these suggestions help!  Let me know if I can help further - and send a photo when its complete - I'd love to see it. [email address:  your-nest@hotmail.com]


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