Cece & Co.
(repeated shells, chairs, wood finishes)

In design, repetition is a good thing
Repetition of architectural details

bring balance and beauty to a house
Atlanta Homes Mag
(symmetrical home with repeated elements equally on each side)

CBID Design
(repeated stone and rock elements)

My Home Ideas
(repeated arches and columns)

Garden element repetition
draws you into the garden and creates continuity
(repeated pots and boxwood orbs)

(repeated square and round elements)

Laurie Perez
(repeated vine pattern, plant material, color)
(repeated color)

Repetition in accessories

Restoration Hardware
(repeated skull and antler collection, glass domes, books, lamps)
(repeated color, fabric, mirror collection)

Isparato Design
(repeated furniture, wood elements, light fixtures, color)
Repetition of fabrics
Better Homes and Gardens
(repeated plaid, white and gray fabrics)

(repeated ticking stripe fabric, photographs and white frames)
Apartment Therapy

and in color,
repetition unifies a home and creates flow.
(repeated wall color in the upholstery fabric, repeated black in frames and candlesticks, repeated white and dark wood/bronze elements)

Asmara Inc.
(repeated blues throughout, repeated white pitchers, dark woods, white fabrics)

Southern Chateau
(repreated art and frames, repeated pillows and color scheme, mirrored finishes and leg style)

Mary McDonald
(repetition of blue/purple color palette, with iron, wicker and brick elements)

(strong color repetition)

When choosing colors, you really only need 2-3 colors for your whole home.  By repeating those colors throughout your home, in different ways and intensities, your color palette will repeat throughout your home and create flow.  Repeating other design elements - such as wood tones or architectural elements - only adds to that whole wonderful 'pulled together' feel.

Repetition..... ITS A GOOD THING :)


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