First, apologies to my readers with questions awaiting answers - I am extremely delayed in replying - but I have good reason.  Family illness has taken my time and attention.  It's been a very emotional couple of months but we are hanging in there!

Here are some questions from my awesome readers: (you know I love you - right?)

Hi Claudine,
I stumbled upon your blog while looking for paint color ideas for my walls. My husband and I recently bought a home and although we fell in love with the property there is much work to do to bring it back to it's glory days. I have never worked with an Interior Decorator so I need to ask you some very basic information on your services. How do you usually work with your clients, do you come out to the property or do you work mostly online via photographs? How do we view your past work so we may get a feel of the projects you have completed..not sure what more to ask you. I am at stage one of this project and want to do things right the first time round so we don't put good money to waste. I would appreciate your prompt response. I hope you can help us make of this house our home.

I'm afraid I'm not typical in how I work as an interior decorator.  Since I started my business a little later in life (after the kids were driving themselves around) I decided to make it pretty simple.  I charge for my time hourly and pass along any discounts I get.   I make less money this way but I have fewer headaches - and I cost less and I save my client money, too.   If you are local, I like to see the space and get a feel for it.  If you are out of state we can work with photos, email, skype, etc., - although I do have clients I travel out of state to see.  If you would like further information, we can discuss your particular project via phone.  Contact me at here  and I can send you links to my work and references.   I hope this answers your questions.
Hello Claudine,
Need your opinion on choosing colours for my new home. In love with grey at the moment and would like grey tile flooring throughout the house. Would also love to have grey sofas and a single red armchair in the living room but not sure it would work. Intend to paint the walls white. My husband feels I need another colour for the floor tiles.
Am at a loss!
Kindly reply

Dear 'at a loss'...
We are all in love with gray right now... it's versatile and current and easy on the eye.  Gray is a neutral that can be soft and cool or bold and dramatic.  My recommendations are to choose a gray tile in a medium to dark tone for the floor in the largest size tile you can find - it will make your room appear more spacious 

Use area rugs to delineate seating or eating areas and to break up large expanses of the tile.  Choose a lighter or darker gray than the floor for your sofa colors.  Charcoal gray would be amazing.  
Or, switch it up a little - here's a little variation in the same color palette...
I like the idea of a pop of red, but try to bring it into the room in other smaller pops as well - a book, an accent pillow, an accessory or throw or lampshade... so the attention is spread throughout the room and not focused on only one chair. 

Since gray can range into browns, blues and greens - you should be able to please your husband as well.  

 Choose a warm white for the walls - like Benjamin Moore's Marscapone or  White Dove.

Didn't see your question answered here?   Stay tuned - I'm catching up as fast as I can!  and please become a 'follower' (top right corner) - I need more followers!  Lol


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