In the 90's everyone had oak cabinets.  They all looked the same.  
Oak still hasn't regained its popularity.
If you crack open a magazine, 9 out of 10 kitchens will have painted cabinets.
Mostly white
If you haven't made the jump to painted cabinets - this post may be exactly what you need for a fresh new kitchen of your own....

Welcome Spring
and what better way to welcome the season
than with a visit to my favorite nursery, Rogers Gardens

but more on that later,
today I'm catching up on all the questions from my wonderful readers. 

If you have asked a question, please be patient and check back often -
with some medical issues and illness in my family these last couple of months,
I have been slow in responding. 
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Hi Claudine,
Love your style.   I’m looking for the perfect color white to paint a beach cottage in and out.  Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks,  Angelle

My go to white is Benjamin Moore's White Dove,

Benjamin Moore - White Dove (cabinets)
 and I also love Marscapone (also Benjamin Moore): 
Benjamin Moore - Marscapone (cabinets)
both are perfect colors for a beach cottage exterior
But white, in the realm of paint colors, actually has a far greater range than you may realize. 
These are also whites: 

Benjamin Moore Whites
Although they look like a definite color when shown together, on your walls they will be white.  You may possibly see a hint of color if the light is right - such as the evening - or if you paint the trim a pure bright white.  I love the look of layered whites.  I also like to see a contrast between the trim and the wall color.  I would recommend a white/white (Benjamin Moore Simply White or White Dove) for the trim in a semi-gloss, and a white with a hint of color in a flat finish for the walls.  If you are willing to add a slight tint of color - you might try one of these below:
Shaker Beige - Benjamin Moore

Veil Cream - Benjamin Moore
via flickr

Gray Cashmere - Benjamin Moore

Titanium - Benjamin Moore (White Dove trim)
Hello! I saw your blog. I want to paint my room gray with one lighter purple wall possibly. I want to accent with deep purple and olive green. I have white crown molding. Any advice or suggestions?? Thanks for your time.

I'm not sure the shade of purple you are thinking of for an accent wall.  You said a lighter purple wall, which makes me think of lavender or lilac.  Lavender has more blue in it - lilac more pink/red.  When dealing with true colors and not neutrals I find they look a lot better on the wall and are more liveable if they have a touch of gray in them - grayed down so that the pigment is not too strong and the color is more of a background than in your face.  One of my favorite wall colors is what I like to call 'dirty lavender'. 
Doesn't sound very appealing, but its quite gorgeous.  It is also technically a gray, and so my suggestion would be to use this color on all of your walls instead of just an accent wall. 

but if you do decide to do an accent wall, make it a definite contrast to the gray on the other walls

Benjamin Moore has some beautiful purple/grays to choose from
I love the richness of Amazon Soil and the Iced Mauve and Hazy Lilac above - and Desert Shadows, Wet Concrete and Porcelain and Cinnamon Slate below - to name but a few...
 another favorite in a darker hue is Benjamin Moores Mountain Ridge, below:

Your accents of deep purple and olive will be beautiful and the white trim and molding will keep it fresh. 

Claudine I have very dated golden oak (real wood) kitchen cabinets and love the dark brown in the photo under #2 shown on your blog. (see picture below)

Do you think I should restain or paint them for this effect? There is a clear gloss over the stain.
Chris B

Dear Chris,
Both!.  I had a golden oak bannister in my house and had it painted and then gel stained to a very dark brown.  I am very happy with the results.  The gel stain gave it depth.  I have read various articles on how to paint cabinets - (I hope to do my own someday soon) - most important is to use a primer such as Kilz or other stain blocker that will stick to any surface and prepare it to receive paint.  You may need to rough up the surface of the cabinets a little to give them a little tooth for the primer to hold on to.  There is actually a spray-on sandpaper for this, or you can use real sandpaper and a little elbow grease.   Have your home improvement store tint the primer a dark gray or black.  That should be followed by paint in the color you want your cabinets and then by a gel stain in the dark brown.  I also had my banister finished with a top coat of polyurethane for durability.  

Rustoleum has a new DIY kit for refinishing your cabinets in a variety of colors - here is the link.   And one of my favorite bloggers over at Young House Love recently repainted her cabinets and has provided DIY instructions and hints and a video - here is her link.    Since oak is a heavy grained wood, the grain may still show through the paint - meaning it may have grain ridges and not be completely smooth.  Good luck.


link within

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