Nailhead trim has undergone a transformation of late -
from the occasional accent on leather and sometimes upholstered furniture -
 it has become a design element - 

a finishing touch like jewelry finishes a beautiful gown
the humble nailhead isn't very humble anymore...

while not every piece of furniture has nailheads or should have them for that matter
certain objects are enhanced and strengthened by them, for example
they are often the finishing touch on headboards and chairs

the finishing touch that takes a simple piece from boring
to unique and interesting

nailheads have taken on new shapes and sizes
new finishes
no longer an 'accent'
they are a 'look-at-me' element

in fact, its that decorative element that has me smitten -
nailheads are no longer a predictable element

they ARE the decoration

they are the bling

they are the pattern

and the focal point
they can take a plain piece of furniture from functional to fabulous

they are popping up everywhere - not just for furniture anymore
they speak
they unify

they are the unexpected

the wow factor
the detail

and an amazing way to
this cabinet started out life as a plain, functional Ikea storage piece
until someone very creative took a few nailheads and a hammer to it.

and what piece of furniture wouldn't benefit from a little jewelry?

I'm most smitten, though...
when the humble nailhead becomes art

and when it makes the boring - beautiful

Nailheads... there are so many styles and sizes to choose from, the possibilities are endless

which is what is so exciting about design..
its constantly evolving and changing
no one would have considered a cornice box with nailhead design 10 years ago

or a ceiling treatment for that matter
that's just sheer genius

so we've come a long way from the straight line embellishment on a piece of furniture...

to studded doors in beautiful designs

or a little unexpected bling on cabinets

and design elements on furniture

and the best application of all in my opinion
is to take something completely ordinary
maybe even something you would have thrown out
and give it new life with a little paint
and nailhead trim

from simple

to stunning

Nailheads are taking center stage
and I for one, can't wait to see the next act!


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