The bed is the natural focal point of a bedroom
it should draw the eye
beautify the room
and invite...

because who really wants an 'uninviting' bedroom?

By extension, the wall behind the bed
is a focal point too
one that needs to work with the bed as a whole
and create an inviting look
sometimes a beautiful wall treatment is all that is needed, or an amazing color
or a tall and fabulous headboard -
but when something else is necessary to make that bed
stand out as something special...
you are limited only by your imagination

here are a few that stand out to me - please tell me what you  think!

I love the fresh cottage feel of this room
the color on the wall is delicious
and the nature themed set of prints
is right up my alley...
the subject of the artwork is not what draws me to this room
but the trio of pictures hung directly over the bed
does draw your eye to the bed
and that wonderful tufted headboard
in that lovely dirty teal color
with fresh white linens - and silvery lamps

when multiple prints are hung together,
they read as one piece of art
a great trick when a larger piece is needed for a bigger wall

unless, of course, you have a larger piece
for a great graphic pop - go big and go bold
I love gray -  and from the number of emails and comments I get on that very subject - so do you.
Gray looks great with a fresh white contrast.  In this room, that contrast is provided in the bedding, curtains, lampshades and the white matted art on the walls.  Spreading the art across the bed and over the night stands elongates the room and empasizes the expanse of the bed.

Martin Bullard
Uzbekistan artisans create wonderful silk embroidery called Suzani - in vibrant graphics and colors.  Martin Bullard (million dollar decorators) and many other designers use these in their designs - and many reproductions are becoming available in pillows and fabrics and bedding.      

Martyn Lawrence Bullard
These headboards are covered in the real deal from Uzbekistan and create a beautiful eye catching focal point and a jumping off point for the room's color palette. 

Consider creating a headboard or slipcover from an antique textile or a vintage tablecloth...
the headboard above provides a graphic pop of color and design
while the one below is dramatic in its size - expanding to include the bedside tables
I love nailhead detail

A headboard of pallet wood
creates an interesting pattern.

Not every bed has a solid wall behind it. 
A window behind a bed is a unique opportunity to add softness,
texture and color through the use of fabrics
Lizzie Carneyvia Flickr
 A low headboard allows plenty of room for a gallery wall -
one of my favorite looks for any large blank space

a high headboard can be a great focal point
and artwork on the sides expands it to include a larger area
sometimes a great wall treatment is all that is needed -
this wall needs no artwork
it speaks volumes for itself
cutting edge stencils
in lieu of wallpaper, try a stencil
this one from Cutting Edge Stencils - and they have several wonderful
wall designs to choose from

artwork is always a nice choice above a bed
a framed painting
or a curtain of beach glass

vintage shutters

or a painted screen
whatever you decide to use, remember...
you are going to see this wall everyday of your life
every time you enter your room
first thing in the morning and last thing at night
so be sure to use something you LOVE

whether its an elaborate headboard
(the headboard itself can be art)
framed by a deep dark wall

or framed art or photograph selections...
use images with great beauty
or sentimental value,

inspiring, or unique
something you will not tire of a in a few days
or a few years.

Its okay to get personal
this is the most personal room in your home



Mirrors are another great choice
offering beauty with the added bonus of reflecting light
just make sure it is anchored securely to the wall
as with any  photo or art hanging over your head that contains glass 



Velvet and Linen

Pleasant dreams, indeed.
Are you inspired?   I hope so!


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