Feeling rejuvenated after a mini vacation in La Jolla, California
breakfast at Cody's = *amazing*

Scripps Inn
ocean view and delightful
with all this just across the street...

lots of brown pelicans and sea lions
[the sea lions had pups
and we could see them on the beach]

and from this viewing platform we could see them 
on the rocks and in the water with mama sea lion
the weather was perfect
what a beautiful place to spend a little time

[I am helping Maria in this post.]
Maria has multiple questions about her home, and as usual I am happy to help.
(I do ask, though, for any of my readers who would like a little help with their homes,
that you become a follower (I need all the friends I can get). 
 Email me to let me know you are following and the name you are following under and
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And again, thank all of you who read my blog - I am amazed and humbled by you!

[From Maria:]
Hi Claudine,  We are ready to change our wall color from red to a light color...
I've been looking for sofas or sectionals. Some way too big for my house,
 and my husband needs to see them personally to decide.
We decided on getting a leather sectional (sofa and chaise) color granite (dark gray). 
Also, we need a chair or recliner, but the ones I like are from Hancock and Moore because they are smaller and really nice.  I was looking for yellow tones or honey.
I also found a chair at west elm also leather in a honey tone, here is where I need you, do yellows or honey match dark gray??  I love both, but I rather go with honey, what do you think? And wall color? We put splash around the chimney in creams, beige, dark and light grays and light brown and the floor is tile in beige and brown spots, it is more light than dark. My husband wants to paint walls yellow. It is ok? a really light yellow? Thanks.

I'm completely on board with your new palette.  Honey and Yellow go well with grays.  I like them better as an accent; however, than a wall color.  My recommendation would be to paint the wall in a light to medium gray tone that complements your sectional, add the honey/yellow toned chairs, and add that same color in accents - sectional accent pillows, accessories, lamps, rugs or window coverings.  Nice white wood trim keeps it fresh.  Yellow or Gold/Honey?  Go with what you prefer.  The stone and flooring will go beautifully with both colors - gray and gold/honey/yellow

You have chosen a very popular palette right now.  Here are a few examples to help you decide wall color:
Domino Magazine
light gray walls with honey accents
[Cliffside Gray - Benjamin Moore]

Nautical Cottage
gold/honey accents with light gray walls

House Beautiful
medium gray walls
bright yellow (with navy here) accents

Styled Haven


Pier 1

[Hawthorne Yellow - Benjamin Moore]
an example of yellow/gold walls with grey accents
in my opinion the temperature is a little too warm with this yellow
If you choose to go with a yellow or gold hued wall color
go with a soft barely there hue to keep the temperature down like one of these honey gold colors:
[August Moon - Sherwin Williams]
[Powell Buff - Benjamin Moore]
 Here are some gray tones to try
which in my opinion are easier on the eye and more soothing
and allow the yellow/gold/honey to stand out

[Amazing Gray - Sherwin Williams]

It's important to try out some tester pots of the colors you are thinking about
as wall color is influenced by your ceiling height, your room size and the available light -
and can change at different times of day as in the example above - both pictures are Amazing Gray.
Yellows are particularly tricky in changing colors.

[Bleeker Beige - Benjamin Moore]

Bleeker Beige is a gray beige that goes nicely with the grays (sofa) and the honey or gold tones

[Copley Gray - Benjamin Moore]
A slightly deeper gray

[Pashmina - Benjamin Moore]
a slightly deeper gray/beige

[Revere Pewter - Benjamin Moore]
one of BM's most perfect grays
a most popular hue
soft and serene
Here are some more examples of rooms in your color palette.
[Sparrow - Benjamin Moore]

Candice Olson
The photo below is a good example of a very soft gold on the walls:   The gray sofa and accents in yellow and gold.

Hope that helps you decide on your wall color and color palette.  Remember to add white to keep it fresh!


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