If you've ever wanted your bedroom to look like a display in a furniture store
then please, ignore my heading above. 
Go right ahead and buy the matching bedside tables that match the bed
that matches the dresser that goes with the highboy that looks like the armoire ...
everything in the exact same sheen, the exact same finish, the exact same look....

but I think most of you will agree that a well designed room avoids the
"I just bought this set from the furniture store" look -
and while repetition is often beautiful and comforting,
it can be achieved in a much less - yawn - boring manner

are you brave enough to try small chests of drawers over the standard 'bedside tables' ?
(on the plus side, there is more space on these for lamps, books, and beautiful objects...)

how about a small console table (that does not match your bed)
for the symmetrically oriented - go ahead, use one on each side
it's a beautiful look

a piece of furniture that was never intended as a bedside companion
being used as a bedside table or nightstand
is right up my alley
I love the look of this drop-down desk on chest next to the bed

this lovely pink room has small mirrored chests
mixed with a painted bench and a bed with padded headboard
and on the other side of the bed,
not a nightstand, but a white painted desk and chair
so charming
even though nothing 'matches' - everything works well together
in fact, the individual pieces are allowed to 'speak'.

This one speaks to me...
I would happily place this revamped chest next to a bed
a distressed paint job and a branch and bird stencil took this chest
from junky to gorgeous
this adorable diy project can be found here

another way a blah chest can be updated with stencils
(or simply purchase the finished project)
in glossy black paint on matte.
so simple - it would be beautiful bedside
and two would be even better
(providing the bed wasn't stenciled to match)
LOVE these vintage suitcases as bedside table
adding a tray to the top keeps it stable and flat
these are vintage Louis Vuitton - wonderful
and it you don't have vintage Louis Vuitton -
 any vintage suitcase combination would look great
houzz .com
these tables offer little storage, but ample display space.  clutter
can be disguised with a basket under the table for small items

and perhaps a bedside table doesn't have to be a table or nightstand at all -
this demilune shelf  is neither, but is functional  and unique

 and this one is simple to make with brackets, a board and a little molding
but sometimes bigger is better

I must confess to a little 'crush'
Brooke Giannetti's rooms have such a delicate touch
and I get this little tickle of excitement about the vintage pieces
she incorporates

like this small antique table on the side of the bed - just delicious...
and the basket beneath to hold and hide the clutter

we share a love of used, unique time worn pieces
like this little painted dresser between two twin beds

this little industrial table is perfect with its weathered top and metal legs
I love the sharp contrast next to the fine linen headboard and bedding

more comfortable in the living room, this fine little occasional table
makes a sweet bedside table for a small room
and we are back to Brooke.  no matching furniture here, and yet all the furniture looks
perfect together - its all about scale and weight..

a good height for the bedside is the same height or a little higher than your mattress.
a lampshade should come to shoulder height when sitting in bed if you plan on using it to read.  sconces on the wall or pendants hanging from the ceiling eliminate the need to have your lampshade a certain height.  the size and storage capacity of your nightstand, table or chest
depends primarily on what you need to have on top or within. 

5 MUST HAVES for your bedside table

1. Toiletries or beauty treatments:  A small bowl or plate for your jewelry to keep them from being misplaced in the dark.  Lotions, night creams, facial cloths, tissues.

2. Medical and health related items. Eye glasses or medication for easy access when you get up the next morning.

3. Bedtime hobbies.  the book you've been reading or your current crossword puzzle close for easy access, or your journal or notepad for the things you think of before you drop off to sleep

4. Habit items: the television remote, an eye mask or glass and carafe of water.

5.  Flashlight and Cell Phone. Keep a flashlight in the top drawer of your nightstand in case of a power outage, burglary, fire or other emergency. Keep your cell phone charging on your nightstand for the same reasons (and I use mine as an alarm clock) Stay prepared and you'll have less stress in your life.

and forgive me for adding one more:  fresh flowers!

sweet dreams..



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