"A room without books is like a body without a soul." Cicero
I admit I have a problem
I love books
classic literature - diy - art and design, gardening, craft, 
photography, travel and cook books
to name a few....

I love antique books
and fine leather bound books
I love how they look
and I love to read and pour through them
Compounding this problem is the fact that I married a bibliophile
and his collection rivals, if not surpasses, my own

if you are a lover of books
you may, like me, be looking for ways to incorporate them
into your home decor
in a beautiful and functional way
here are some ideas on how to display books -
whether a few or a library
 when you simply cannot bear to be without them

these window surrounding shelves can be added to nearly any room,
with just the barest loss of floor space -
and a whole world of storage and function at your fingertips

the added bonus in surrounding a window with bookshelves
is the easy addition of a cozy window seat to curl up on
so this photo is more realistic, right?
messy looking, no rhyme or reason to the books
but even then, there is a certain warmth and charm ...
its homey...
if you have those few small feet between the windows and the walls
put them to work
or create bookshelves to flank your bed, making an interesting focal wall
and an even more interesting headboard

and always leave a little space to display your treasures

LOVE this black painted bookcase
in fact I love this whole room - so inviting and cozy
I'd definitely want to curl up with a book in here

if you think of the built in bookcase wall as simply a wall
you can treat it as such - and hang some art
I have always been a fan of hanging art on a bookcase
or mirrors for that matter
I'm also a fan of bookcases built around an alcove
 for a sofa or a bed


or flanking a fireplace
(obviously a designers hand at work here, the books are all color coordinated...:)


using a bookcase as a room divider - great idea
picture these beautiful bookcases filled with books
and with the glass doors -
 dust free
now this I adore
turn any door into a bookshelf!

smacks of hidden passage ways -
did I mention I love a good mystery?

and speaking of good mysteries
did I mention my friend Kristine is an author?
she has launched a blog site featuring her newest character from her
new book - complete with recipes and sage advice
and mystery
please stop by for information about her new book
and her recipe for mango slaw - which looks delicious and is good for you too!



a bookcase doesn't have to be large to be useful
I love this little inset bookcase
with a flick of the wrist these bookcases disappear behind a curtained wall
along with the clutter of books in them
but in the absence of curtains, there are ways to make bookshelves and books
look good - putting like colors together in sections
or - if you are truly anal you can limit your book purchases to only those of a particular color
such as black and navy blue - depending, of course, on the color of your decor
okay - not THAT crazy - yet....
but I have to admit it does look good.....

contrasting paint on the back wall of bookcases tends to make
everything in them, stand out

no matter the room
it is enhanced by books and bookshelves

in my job, I get to see inside a lot of homes
and I'm always amazed when there are no books in evidence
(obviously my addiction isn't shared by everyone)

books warm a room
they create interest
they are comforting to have around
books are beautiful
at least I think so....

what do you think?


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