I posted a while back on our
and promised to post the GOOD photos when they were ready
so, here they are, courtesy of the adorable bride

We trasported the flowers in bulk from California and put them together in our hotel room -
a wise choice as it turned out - flowers are twice the price in Vegas!  Who knew?
The bride chose to use Peacock feathers and the colors found in them -
we found these gorgeous hydrangeas that were the perfect colors!
I believe I mentioned my son was Best Man, and that they had a rather unique entry to the reception after the wedding....

after the bridesmaids and groomsmen entered
the newlywed couple made their entry
and then. . .
the wedding party broke in to spontaneous, pre-rehearsed dance
it was adorable

they had so much fun!
here are some 'good' photos of the decorations...
the vases were lighted - only noticeable when the lights were down

we put a large vinyl monogram on the dance floor
Here is the hall all prepared and awaiting guests

at the Bride and Groom's table
and.... the bride and groom!
we used lower arrangements
so we could see them!

these photos show the colors
so much better than the ones I took here

the wedding took place outside and
we lined the aisle with these lighted floral lanterns for the ceremony

that's my boy...

and we created the large urns filled with hydrangeas, twigs

and long plumes of peacock feathers

we added vinyl to the entry doors

I really love adding the personalized vinyl to a reception.
 and we made the feather boutonnieres

 not responsible for the socks, though.....

Best Wishes - Jessica and Erik
and Happy New Year!


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