Claudine~ I keep coming back to your lovely blog for ideas and viewing your photos. They are indeed awesome. I am trying to decide what color to paint our master bedroom. We had it professionally ainted last week with Sherwin williams "Enchant - 6555" but it's way too bright for us. 

Sherwin Williams/Enchant

We have cathedral ceiling with white ceiling and trim and our bedroom furniture is a dark wood finish they refer to as "tobacco finish" it's the Paula Deen "Steel Magnolia" bed and matching furniture....we have beige carpets. The master bath is Sherwin Williams "Virtual Taupe -7039" 

Sherwin Williams/Virtual Taupe

and our Great room, right outside the bedroom is Sherwin Williams "Lemon Chiffon - 6686"
Sherwin Williams/Lemon Chiffon

I've looked at Restoration Hardware's "Slate" and "Granite" I've also looked at griege-esque colors and more tan-taupe; but I think that's too close to my master bath color. I would like to find a mid-gray color with a hint of lavender or purple hue for a more contemporary yet sensual relaxing feel. or I would like to make it very polished and elegant. Can you please give me some suggestions? We have 
the painters coming back out on the 10th and I need to have a color picked out by then. Thanks, ~Mary

Hi Mary,
Don't fret.  Most of us are overwhelmed when choosing paint color.   But here's a rule of thumb when working with most color choices - avoid too much pigment - go for a grayed down or 'dirtied' color 

with a subtle undertone in the color you wish to showcase in your room.  Walls with too much true pigment tend to look a little juvenile.  The grayed down versions are a little more sophisticated and easier on the eye   For a truly adult shade of lavender, try these:

Alpaca/Sherwin Williams

 Here are a few more 'subtle' colors with purple or lavendar undertones.   As always, try a swatch on the wall first - you never know how it will look in the room until you do. (In your case with the vibrant 'Enchant' on your walls, paint it on a poster board with a good 2-inch border of white around the edge - so the wall color won't interfere.
Heather/Sherwin Williams

High Society/Sherwin Williams

Neutrino/Sherwin Williams

Palisade/Sherwin Williams

Requisite Gray / Sherwin Williams

Twilight Gray / Sherwin Williams

You said you had white moldings and dark furniture - to bring that polished and sophisticated feel into your room, add a little bling: some reflection - mirrored surfaces or silver will work nicely, and some glass or crystal touches will add a little romance.  Good Luck!


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