Just had to share a few pictures of the latest holiday decor - this one for a community Christmas event at a church. (see http://www.thelivingnativity.org/).   My task was to make a large empty hall feel warm and inviting and to provide areas where guests could be served hot chocolate and home baked cookies.

I was inspired by the decorations at Rogers Gardens this year (see post here).  I loved the red that was
so prevalent in the decor there, and the woodsy, natural feel that the plaid ribbon contributed.  There were fresh florals arranged in lanterns and rows of red cyclamen.  It looked so warm and wonderful, I knew red was the way we needed to go, and I loved the lantern theme.   With those ideas in mind, I set about planning the room with the other volunteers that would make up our decorating committee.

In a effort to get the most mileage from our decorating dollar, we scoured CraigsList for used artificial Christmas trees, shopped the dollar store for ornaments, purchased inexpensive burlap for table coverings and draping, and loaded up on pine cones.  The day we started our decorating, one volunteer noticed that the landscaping crews were trimming the pine trees along one of the main highways.  She grabbed her husband and filled up her SUV with the clippings, providing fresh greens for our decorating without spending a dime. 

And here is what a dedicated crew of volunteers were able to create.  Decorating committee - YOU ROCK!

Welcome starts at the door
and the plaid and burlap ribbon and red accents
announce the theme within

DIY TIP:  We created this look with a blank green wreath
added the plaid and burlap bow and stuffed it with berries,
holly and picks of red apples to add the pop of red we loved.

lanterns with more red plaid ribbon, greens and a redbird
adds charm to the foyer of the church
the small table it sits on is covered with burlap
and a battery powered candle (fire code necessity)
flickers a warm welcome

DIY TIP:  You can duplicate this look with your own lantern by
adding a green pick and bow on top and using a flameless candle inside,
tucked into a bed of live or faux greens and berries. 
 A small redbird and some berries on the lantern top will add charm. 

sharing the foyer with the lantern and drawing guests in with holiday lights and warmth
is a cluster of trees and white poinsettias

we created a very simple decoration
for the chapel
featuring the burlap and plaid ribbon

a lighted wreath and garland of greens and pine cones
and a few ball ornaments
simple and elegant

and now the hall
the once big empty space has been divided and conquered
it no longer feels big and empty

large lanterns, burlap, fresh and faux greens
pine cones and pops of red
and the plaid ribbon
make a warm statement
especially with a flameless flickering candle

the lantern element is repeated throughout the hall
as is the burlap and plaid ribbon
and red accents

but the centerpiece of the event is the spectacular 12 foot tree
sitting on top of its pedestal - a table wrapped in burlap

you'd never guess we decorated it with ornaments from
target and the dollar store, extra large pinecones
and beautiful redbirds

it looked beautiful

 a grapevine star stuffed with lights
tops the tree

beautiful art and sculpture is highlighted by white burlap
draping and flanked by our craigslist trees

and what may not convey as clearly in the photos
is that it was warm and inviting and even a little bit - cozy

so, warm thanks to
denise, shawna, shelly and jane
the BEST decorating committee EVER :)


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