I didn't go overboard this year,

just a little Halloween here and there

my favorite bits and pieces
and one or two new

 a spider here and there

some silhouettes

but I did pull out ALL of the Halloween boxes
WAYYYYYY too many
I will be going through and getting rid of a LOT of stuff

One thing I WON'T be getting rid of  are the pumpkin lights
I've had them forever and put them up every year
everytime I see them
they make me smile

I've been collecting bottles here and there
old and new -
 for a witch's apothecary -
I have really creepy labels, too, but haven't had the time to print them and apply

.... still, these look fun even without the labels

Our glittery visitor came home last year

I wasn't sure about him, but my husband LOVED him
so he stayed
and he's growing on me
somewhere I have a top hat for him - probably in one of those boxes....

his friend came home with me this year - a new addition
and I definitely like him better
he's sparkly too, although I don't think you can see it in the photo
I found him at Rogers Gardens and
added the tinsel and pleated paper collar

and speaking of Rogers Gardens, we visited both the Halloween
and Christmas displays there
so I'll post the Halloween photos here -
and the Christmas ones in a later post....

there were sparkly cobwebs on old chandeliers,
vintage clothing, black roses and feather boas

old portraits and rat traps

skulls and tableware

and creations by folk artist Vergie Lightfoot

their displays were fun

and as usual, inspiring...

Vergie's moon face and pumpkin faces were my favorites...
all in all it was a very fun outing.

So I told my son, away at college, that I'd decorated a little for halloween
(You never know how important little things are to your children -
even when they are no longer little kids)
his reply was to please leave them up until he comes home for Thanksgiving....
So, I'm apologizing ahead of time to all Thanksgiving guests who may be startled by Mr. Glitter Bones sharing our table .... its for my boy - and he's my hero.

Happy Hallows-giving!


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